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New York Times, Friday, October 8, 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in New York Times Crossword.

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Clues Answers
___ Equis DOS
___ tear (sports injury) ACL
25-Across on Earth, in brief ONEG
A bit too articulate, perhaps GLIB
All there SANE
Anti-D.W.I. org. MADD
Ballpark figs. ERAS
Be in direct competition GOTOETOTOE
Business card abbr. STE
California county that’s home to Muir Woods MARIN
Challenger ___ (lowest known point in the earth’s oceans) DEEP
Classic gag gift at a bachelorette party SEXTOY
Classic O’Keeffe subject LILIES
Classic Warhol subject TOMATOSOUP
Cry heard at a shoe auction? SOLED
Earned WON
Eponym for an Italian ice chain RITA
Fox’s ___ Choice Awards TEEN
Frat party stunts KEGSTANDS
Get into ACCESS
Great Plains tribe OTOE
Grps. receiving Our Children magazine PTAS
Head, in slang NOB
Homemade headwear for kids PAPERHATS
I’m ba-a-ack! ITSMEAGAIN
Insult, slangily DISS
Jersey greeting MOO
Lead-in to -stat AERO
Like bell peppers, on the Scoville scale MILD
Like hitting a million-dollar jackpot IMPROBABLE
Like many fancy parties CATERED
Like the ancestry of 37-Across THAI
Martial arts actor Steven SEAGAL
Mendeleev who created the periodic table DMITRI
Model/TV personality Chrissy who wrote the cookbook series “Cravings” TEIGEN
Moderate pace TROT
More than enough AMPLE
Musician on the cover of Rolling Stone, often ROCKIDOL
Negro leagues legend Satchel PAIGE
New Orleans university TULANE
Norse war god ODIN
Not straight ATILT
Nuclear bomb, e.g., for short WMD
Object THING
Obtain a sum via special relativity? INHERIT
One who objects to screw caps, say WINESNOB
Packs MOBS
Per diem, e.g. STIPEND
Place to roast marshmallows FIREPIT
Portmanteau for a certain hybrid feline TIGON
Prefix with technology NANO
Previous PRIOR
Pub container TANKARD
Reason for a colonial “party” TEATAX
Right triangle ratios SINES
Shocked AGASP
Shortening used in many recipes TSPS
Some like it dirty MARTINI
Spanish pronoun ESA
Spoke to a judge, say PLED
Superfood commonly used as a smoothie bowl topping CHIASEEDS
The “F” in F = ma FORCE
Time to eat! LETSDIGIN
Timely query WHEN
Washington, but not Jefferson STATE