New York Times, Friday, September 2, 2022 Crossword Answer

Author: Claire Rimkus
Editor: Will Shortz


Subject of some family planning ESTATELAW
Modern-day locale of the ancient Achaemenid Empire IRAN
They may get all tied up CLOSEGAMES
search-and-rescue target NEMO
What pings may indicate CARTROUBLE
High, in Paris HAUT
Possessive noun? OWNER
Breathing apparatus GILL
“Anything ___?” ELSE
Reckless RASH
Trespasses SINS
Pop singer ___ Max AVA
Romance WOO
Clutch, e.g. PURSE
Landing spot for a bee PETAL
When a procrastinator gets to work ATTHELASTMINUTE
Libreville is its capital GABON
Gave a ticket CITED
Fester ROT
That there, quaintly YON
Hilson with the 2010 hit “Pretty Girl Rock” KERI
Sparklers GEMS
Samberg of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” ANDY
Declaration at the end of an exam TIME
When Hamilton meets Burr, in “Hamilton” ACTI
Site of the Jordan Gate Towers AMMAN
Tim of “Sister, Sister” REID
What one might say before conforming WHENINROME
Grp. defending trans rights ACLU
“Not a ___!” PEEP
Some bronze applications SPRAYTANS


Danish shoe brand ECCO
Side dish with pastrami SLAW
Not sure which way to go TORN
Butterfly-attracting perennials ASTERS
Nwodim of “S.N.L.” EGO
Reel with hilarity? LAUGHTRACK
Prefix with sexual AMBI
When said three times, expression of mock surprise WELL
Blissed out INHEAVEN
Response to a juvenile joke, perhaps REALMATURE
Delight AMUSE
“Point taken” NOTED
Identity SELF
Bob Odenkirk’s role on “Breaking Bad” SAUL
Fast-moving RAPID
Expo freebies SWAG
Tiny bit IOTA
“Far from it!” NOTBYAMILE
Davis of “Do the Right Thing” OSSIE
Expert in animal control PETTRAINER
Pasta for a pesto PENNE
Tiny bit ATOM
Court calls LETS
Got together HOOKEDUP
Lo ___ MEIN
One who’s probably going to work out GYMRAT
Buckle holder STRAP
Actress Emma Roberts, to Julia Roberts NIECE
When a duel may be scheduled DAWN
Ocean of “Ocean’s Eleven” DANNY
Chuck alternative CHAS
Fill-in TEMP
Cultural attraction in midtown N.Y.C. MOMA
“So right!” AMEN
“Queer Eye” star Jonathan Van ___ NESS
Chemist Noddack who co-discovered rhenium IDA

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