New York Times, Friday, September 9, 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
‘Don’t be a stranger’ … or an apt request from a 59-Down player? DROPMEALINE
‘Faust’ playwright GOETHE
‘___ and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!’ (comedy sketch series) TIM
‘___-yew!’ PEE
1 of 2,297 for Hank Aaron RBI
Actress Judy of ‘Arrested Development’ GREER
Anti-establishment cause POPULISM
Best-selling video game celebrated in this grid TETRIS
Big name in multilevel marketing AMWAY
Busy business around Mother’s Day FTD
Bygone car named for its country of origin YUGO
Classic role for Nichelle Nichols and Zoƫ Saldana UHURA
Coloring TINT
Computer custom-built for playing games, in slang RIG
Conflict of no consequence SPAT
Direct LEAD
Distinctive peacock feature PLUME
Dreams for aspiring bands RECORDDEALS
Experiments with Zener cards ESPTESTS
French, perhaps, in England SNOG
Fyodor the Blessed, e.g TSAR
George Smiley, for one BRIT
Golden ___ AGER
Got on board, in a way LADED
Had in mind MEANT
Hugely successful film … or an apt description of a 59-Down player? BLOCKBUSTER
Iconic phrase in old ‘Dick and Jane’ stories SEESPOT
Irish ___ SETTER
Ironic-sounding plot device in ‘Total Recall’ AMNESIA
It can be shredded with an ax GUITARSOLO
It’s just under one’s nose, informally STACHE
Like osmium among all the elements DENSEST
Many-headed monster HYDRA
Mirror-and-prism system, in brief SLR
Modern vaccine material RNA
Mont Blanc, par exemple ALPE
Mozz sticks and queso, e.g APPS
N.F.L. QB Tagovailoa TUA
Nicolas who directed ‘Don’t Look Now’ ROEG
One also known as Rahman ALLAH
One of three things traditionally eaten to break a Ramadan fast DATE
One of two 1978 Nobel Peace Prize winners ANWARSADAT
Org. that ‘Moscow Centre’ represents in George Smiley novels KGB
Out of nothing, in creation myths EXNIHILO
Picture of health? SONOGRAM
Poker table giveaway TELL
Prefix with zone or pop EURO
Quite stinky RIPE
Sacred syllables OMS
Sinks from not far away TAPSIN
Snit PET
Spanish monarch beginning in 2014 FELIPE
Stories that might take a while SAGAS
Suffix for many install files EXE
Tackle together TEAMUPON
The ‘sacred disease,’ to ancient Greeks EPILEPSY
Took a load off SAT
Trick of being suddenly nowhere to be found … or an apt description of victory for a 59-Down player? DISAPPEARINGACT
Trunk fastener HASP
Unit in Mario Kart games LAP
Upright HONEST
Utterly amazed AGOG
___ Grande RIO

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