New York Times – Jul 11 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Eureka!’ AHA
‘Whoa, gotta run!’ IMLATE
‘___ Maria’ (hymn) AVE
A.T.M. withdrawal CASH
Almonds, e.g NUTS
Angel’s instrument HARP
Architectural diagrams BLUEPRINTS
Award won by Paul Newman and Gary Oldman OSCAR
Backspace over DELETE
Base for a teacup SAUCER
Big-time celebrity STAR
Brunched, say ATE
Captain’s record at sea SHIPSLOG
Card deck used in divination TAROT
Christian of fashion DIOR
Cincinnati’s river OHIO
Coconut oil and butter, for two FATS
Comprehend GRASP
Damaged, as a surface MARRED
Decoration on a moccasin or purse BEAD
Defeat soundly THRASH
Distort, as facts SKEW
Doily fabric LACE
Emperor during the Great Fire of Rome NERO
Employ again REUSE
Equipment GEAR
Fish-and-chips fish, typically COD
Ford or Fiat CAR
Garden variety? HERB
Hearing things? EARS
Homeric epic set during the Trojan War ILIAD
Honorees on the second Sunday in May MOMS
Hospital notification device PAGER
Human rights lawyer Clooney AMAL
In the countryside RURAL
Incoming deluge ONRUSH
It may pop before a toast CORK
Japanese bread crumb coating PANKO
Kisses and caresses, in British lingo SNOGS
Knack for gardening GREENTHUMB
Knight’s title SIR
Land bordering Afghanistan IRAN
Lassoed ROPED
Lead-in to ‘Bop’ and ‘Wolf’ in hits by Cyndi Lauper and Shakira SHE
Leisurely pace after hitting a home run TROT
Like a ride that has one holding on for dear life WHITEKNUCKLE
Make angry RILE
Materials for a preschool artist … or a hint to 20-, 32- and 40-Across FINGERPAINTS
Microbe GERM
Mischievous ones IMPS
One with access to privileged information INSIDER
Piece of greenery for a winner’s wreath LAUREL
Presenter of ‘Morning Edition’ and ‘All Things Considered’ NPRNEWS
Pub projectile DART
Rewards dispensed in obedience training TREATS
Rowing tool OAR
Scot’s denial NAE
Sharp-witted ASTUTE
Sonic the Hedgehog game company SEGA
Start a poker pot ANTE
Starts by bypassing the ignition system HOTWIRES
Stately tree ELM
Tennis champ Osaka NAOMI
Thing ITEM
Track-and-field competition MEET
Tut-tutted, say SHAMED
Twitch SPASM
Uno + dos TRES
Vampire slayer’s weapon STAKE
Venue for Stevie Nicks or the Knicks ARENA
Yuletide beverage EGGNOG
___ Office (room in the West Wing) OVAL

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