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New York Times – Jul 19 2018

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jul 19 2018 Thursday 

Clues Answers
*Contemptuous smile TOFFS
*Crafts site FUTZ
*Firework that doesn’t work EVE
*Military vehicles UBOLT
*Resistance units PINT
*Shakespearean prince IBM
___ Minderbinder, lieutenant in “Catch-22” MILO
17-time Best Actress nominee STREEP
1847 novel partly set on a whaler OMOO
Adds (up) TOTS
Alternative to Bowser REX
American ally in W.W. II USSR
Annual Austin media event, informally SXSW
Approximately ABOUT
Approximately NEAR
Band with the top 10 hits “Lady” and “Babe” STYX
Biggest-selling newspaper in England THESUN
Christmastime purchases FIRS
Chunnel train EUROSTAR
Conflict STRIFE
Cry from behind a counter NEXTPLEASE
Economized SCRIMPED
Ending with song or slug FEST
First N.F.L. player on the cover of Sports Illustrated YATITTLE
First, second or third person UMP
Flush fastener TNUT
God, to many ALLAH
Greek salad ingredient FETA
Harden ENURE
He was accompanied by the guard dog Cerberus HADES
It may be surrounded by beaches ISLE
Like la nuit NOIRE
Like the Vietnamese language TONAL
Look (into) PEER
Lucy’s bandleader husband DESI
Major European ethnic group SLAVS
Many an ancient tombstone STELE
Margarine OLEO
Neighbor of a Montanan ALBERTAN
Not fight seriously SPAR
Old Beatles rival, with “the” STONES
Old PalmPilot products, in brief PDAS
Opposite of plummet SOAR
Page designs LAYOUTS
Participated in a bee SEWED
Places to hibernate DENS
Poet who wrote “Anxiety is the handmaiden of creativity” ELIOT
Prepare to drive TEEUP
Rapper with the 1999 album “The Seventh Deadly Sin” ICET
Sauce for falafels TAHINI
She: Sp. ELLA
Short, for one MARTIN
Short, for short LIL
Slightest protest PEEP
Soft ball material NERF
Something said to smell sweet SUCCESS
Surname of three baseball brothers ALOU
Targets for speech therapists LISPS
Twist someone’s words, say? EDIT
Unadulterated PURE
Unintended consequence SIDEEFFECT
Upright ERECT
Vessel that’s 1% full? YACHT
Vodka and tomato juice cocktail BLOODYMARY
Western New York Iroquois ERIES
What Moses supposes his toeses are, in an old verse ROSES
What the answers to the six starred clues follow, as hinted at by 66-Across SECRETCODE
Where Ali won his 1974 world heavyweight title ZAIRE
Whodunit, e.g. TALE
Windy City rail org. CTA
Wine label abbr. ALC
Woman’s name that sounds like two letters of the alphabet ELSIE
Word with tongue or twist TIE
Worth a great deal RICH
You have no ___ IDEA