New York Times – Jul 22 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Carpe diem,’ for one MOTTO
‘Everything comes down to this’ ITSDOORDIE
‘Hey, I’m talking here!’ LISTENTOME
Barbie, e.g TOY
Bed in the kitchen? RICE
Big ___ (athletic conference) EAST
Bolt for the finish line? USAIN
Brian who was a pioneer in ambient music ENO
Butt of a joke? WHOOPEECUSHION
Camouflage fabric KHAKI
Chip, e.g MAR
City near Kobe OSAKA
Comment from one who’s all thumbs? TEXT
Company behind the Hula-Hoop and Frisbee WHAMO
Descendant of a prominent family SCION
Divisions of subdivisions HOMES
Fellow BLOKE
First Black female billionaire, informally OPRAH
Foe of Skeletor in ‘Masters of the Universe’ HEMAN
French phrase with a grave accent ALA
Going from club to club, say ONTHETOWN
Japanese-based electronics giant EPSON
Kind of feed AUDIO
Latin lovers, officially speaking? POPES
Like Goliath, in the Bible story SLAIN
Line in geometry RAY
Line in music SLUR
Line on a receipt TAX
Make fast again RETIE
Man’s nickname that’s a baseball team’s nickname backward STAN
Many string compositions by Haydn TRIOS
Medicinal plant ALOE
Motion picture? BLUR
Not just bold BRASH
Ones who put you to sleep UTTERBORES
Only singer to have seven consecutive #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 WHITNEYHOUSTON
Org. whose logo features a leaning silhouette NBA
Perform for the approval of PLAYTO
Popular LIKED
Precipitance HASTE
Put down WRITE
Quaker of Pennsylvania? ASPEN
Queen celebrated at an annual feast ESTHER
Quick drive, informally SPIN
Reaches online, in a way IMS
Relative of fennel CARAWAY
Sail holder … or sale holder? YARD
Saxophone piece REED
Ship-to-ship communication AHOYTHERE
Short flight HOP
Slice in a salad, maybe FETA
Some tourist shop wares TEES
Source of oil from the sea COD
Spicy sweets REDHOTS
Store up AMASS
Story segue SOTHEN
Sudoku or anagrams BRAINGAME
Tangy-and-sweet dessert topping LEMONSAUCE
They share our blood types APES
Things some people do at bars SHOTS
Unit of the Swedish krona ORE
Vermeer painted a girl with a pearl one EARRING
Weighed unscientifically HEFTED
Worker in a tunnel, maybe ANT
World’s leading saffron producer IRAN
[Ooh, you’re sexy!] RAWR

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