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New York Times – Jul 23 2018

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Clues Answers
‘CHiPs’ actor Estrada ERIK
‘I Still Believe ___’ (#1 Vince Gill country song) INYOU
‘Raging Bull’ star Robert DENIRO
‘That’s all ___ got’ IVE
‘Yeah, that seems plausible’ ISEEIT
‘You saved me!’ MYHERO
‘___ fool!’ APRIL
Artsy Manhattan neighborhood SOHO
Barcelona’s peninsula IBERIA
Black, to poets EBON
California/Nevada border lake TAHOE
Chest protector RIB
Chutzpah NERVE
College term: Abbr SEM
Criminals FELONS
Cyclops feature ONEEYE
Dallas sch. with a presidential library SMU
Displayer of one’s feelings EMOTER
Door fastener LATCH
Egyptian god who’s a brother of 6-Across OSIRIS
Egyptian goddess with a repetitive name ISIS
Fabric tear RIP
First chip in the pot ANTE
Fish in some salads TUNA
Go through the door ENTER
Good listener? EAR
GPS graphics MAPS
Hold on property LIEN
Host with a microphone EMCEE
Idea that spreads popularly and widely MEME
Insect in a colony ANT
Island ESE of Oahu MAUI
Large coffee holders URNS
Like a sound that can barely be heard FAINT
Literary club feature BOOKOFTHEMONTH
Memo-heading inits FYI
N.R.A. members GUNUSERS
Clues Answers
Not true FALSE
Old Russian ruler TSAR
One leading a fight for change CRUSADER
Orchestral work by Ravel BOLERO
Otherwise ELSE
Park furniture BENCH
Parliamentary agenda ORDERSOFTHEDAY
Pass along CONVEY
Pen name ALIAS
Pitcher’s tour de force NOHITTER
Pitching stat ERA
Place for camels to rest OASIS
Place to put an American flag pin LAPEL
Playground retort DIDTOO
Poses a question ASKS
Possibly, but unlikely INTHEORY
Preceder of Alamos or Angeles LOS
Previously aired show RERUN
Profit’s opposite LOSS
Quaint college cheer RAH
Rock-___ (jukebox brand) OLA
San Francisco’s ___ Hill NOB
She’s a sheep EWE
Ship’s front BOW
Singer with the multiplatinum albums ’19,’ ’21’ and ’25’ ADELE
Skin conditioner brand AFTA
Smeller NOSE
Suffix with cash or cloth IER
Suffix with count ESS
This way LIKESO
Three blind creatures, in a children’s rhyme MICE
Turner who led a slave rebellion NAT
TV broadcast band VHF
Vote in favor YEA
West Coast N.F.L. player LARAM
Writer ___ Rice Burroughs EDGAR
Yang’s partner YIN