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New York Times – Jul 24 2018

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Clues Answers
Addition to a soda, but not to a beer STRAW
Ally (with) TEAMUP
Ancient theaters ODEA
Architect’s drawing PLAN
Band with the 1988 #1 hit ‘Need You Tonight’ INXS
Big workers’ grp. since 1955 AFLCIO
Brand of dry-erase markers EXPO
Brightest star in Orion RIGEL
Carefully search COMB
Carrier to the Mideast ELAL
Cat-o’-nine-tails component LASH
Classic Halloween costume GHOST
Common name for a central rail station UNION
Condition that causes fidgeting, informally ADHD
Creatures with 23 pairs of 25-Down HUMANBEINGS
Cuisine with tom yum soup THAI
Dance in a festive skirt HULA
Dance or dip SALSA
Den grp BSA
Detective’s assignment CASE
Downwind ALEE
Eins + zwei DREI
Evaluate ASSESS
Evil spirit DEMON
Extended story line ARC
Fashion statement at the Kentucky Derby HAT
Fix, as the back of a shoe REHEEL
Flu-fighting org CDC
For each item APOP
Format much used for action films IMAX
Gathered REAPED
Gave (out) METED
Genetic bundles CHROMOSOMES
Goddess whom Homer called ‘rosy-fingered’ EOS
Gossip, e.g CHAT
Govt. org. for whistle-blowers OSHA
Hockey great Bobby ORR
Ill will ANIMUS
Its head is in the Himalayas GANGES
Clues Answers
Jazzman Blake EUBIE
Linoleum cover WAX
Lucy Lawless title role XENA
Lucy Ricardo, to Ricky TVWIFE
McCarthy aide Roy COHN
Morse units, informally DITS
Nice thought? IDEE
One bound to the land SERF
One of a pair on a car AXLE
One of Caesar’s assassins CASCA
One talking to a driver? GPS
Onetime Queens stadium SHEA
Pair that’s kissing? LIPS
Philly basketballer SIXER
Picasso muse ___ Maar DORA
Prefix with chamber ANTE
Quidditch team, e.g SEPTET
See 10-Down MARX
Shape of 7-Down DOUBLEHELIX
Smart society MENSA
Some Marvel superheroes XMEN
Spanish stews OLLAS
Spanish ___ ARMADA
Sporting blades EPEES
Spun fiber FLAX
Stir ADO
Subject of this puzzle DNA
Tag for the ‘Friday the 13th’ film subtitled ‘A New Beginning’ PARTV
They go to great lengths EONS
Thick Japanese noodle UDON
Up to, informally TIL
Urban grid: Abbr STS
What 7-Down is BIOCHEMICAL
What you might do when you cross your fingers HOPE
When the ends of each of its letters are connected to those above and below, a simplified schematic of a famous structure HXHHXHHXHHXHHXH
With 35-Across, actor who said ‘You can’t fool me, there ain’t no Sanity Clause’ CHICO
Workers’ rights agcy NLRB
___ the fat (gossip, e.g.) CHEW