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New York Times – Jul 25 2018

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jul 25 2018 Wednesday 

Clues Answers
___ never! WELLI
___ yourself! BRACE
7 7 7, in France SEPTS
Action that could cause a QB’s fumble LOWSNAP
Ancient Anatolian region IONIA
Bard’s “before” ERE
Big phony POSEUR
Body of eau LAC
Circus sight SEAL
Circus site TENT
Comment after a sneeze SALUD
Communion, e.g. RITE
Company, e.g. UNIT
Congressional leaders WHIPS
Curse OATH
Cutting class? SHOP
Disney villain voiced by Jeremy Irons SCAR
Distress ANGUISH
Disturb ROIL
Flimsy THIN
Fly-___ BYS
Ford flop EDSEL
Garden pest APHID
Genus that includes geniuses HOMO
Gestured rudely … or what this puzzle’s circles have done? FLIPPEDTHEBIRD
Get too scared, with “out” WIMP
Gets serious, with “up” SOBERS
Girded SET
Golf hole measure: Abbr. YDS
Grand preparations? PIANOREHEARSAL
Granola morsel OAT
Home to the Triple Crown of Surfing OAHU
I, in Innsbruck ICH
Iconic logo since 1962 GOLDENARCHES
Investigates, as a cold case REOPENS
It’s right on the map EAST
Jabba, for one, in “Star Wars” HUTT
Letter before omega PSI
Like a know-it-all COCKY
Love ___ a victory march (“Hallelujah” lyric) ISNOT
Memo header INRE
Mountain shelter LODGE
Mouth, slangily TRAP
Neighbor of Saudi Arabia YEMEN
Nose wrinkler ODOR
Oklahoma! aunt ELLER
One of the first musicians to have an “explicit content” sticker on an album ICET
Ones who’ve called it quits EXES
Part of many a garbage bag TIE
Pea’s place POD
Piece of office decor TABLELAMP
Prefix meaning “far away” TELE
Put on STAGE
Reacts to a blow REELS
Rosencrantz or Guildenstern DANE
Sciences’ partner ARTS
Scoring 100 ERRORFREE
Sea ___ URCHIN
Shady areas ARBORS
Sistine Chapel feature MURAL
Sushi bar offering UNI
Take on HIRE
The South DIXIE
Things that go bump in the night POLTERGEISTS
TV host Van Susteren GRETA
Twiddles one’s thumbs KILLSTIME
Unfolds, in poetry OPES
Union agreement, informally? PRENUP
Unsporting comment CHEAPSHOT
Verizon or AT&T CARRIER
Vietnamese festival TET
Went to a restaurant ATEOUT
Witching ___ HOUR
Word that might accompany an air kiss CIAO