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New York Times – Jul 26 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Am ___ understand …?’ ITO
‘It wasn’t me,’ for one DENIAL
‘Let’s go!’ CMON
‘Make room for life’ sloganeer IKEA
‘Por ___ parte’ (Spanish for ‘on the other hand’) OTRA
A.T.M. necessity PIN#
Absence LACK
Absent from NOTAT
Accountant #CRUNCHER
Activating, as a security system ARMING
Alphabet quartet RSTU
Arcade item TOKEN
Article of the Constitution that provides for the Supreme Court III
Astronauts’ workplace #STATION
Black out, in a way REDACT
Cabinet dept EDUC
Certain fire dept. employee EMT
Cirque du Soleil performers ACROBATS
Comment accompanying a shrug IDUNNO
Consumer EATER
Deadeyes #SHOOTERS
Dessert made primarily of flour, butter, eggs and sugar #CAKE
Ethically unprincipled AMORAL
Far parts of the universe DEEP#
Feature of two lowercase letters of the alphabet DOT
Fill-in-the-blanks story MADLIB
Finely honed RAZOR#
German wheels AUDI
Gritty genre NOIR
Hook’s henchman SMEE
Instruments on dashes TACHS
Jack-of-all-trades HANDYMAN
K-12 school org PTA
Lead-in to K PRE
Les ___-Unis ETATS
Let out EMIT
Major biotech company AMGEN
Clues Answers
Make out, in Manchester SNOG
Meat substitute TOFU
More spicy RACIER
Mother-and-daughter singers Nina and Lisa SIMONES
Much-overused filler word LIKE
Mystery novelist Cross AMANDA
Nobel Prize category: Abbr CHEM
Not prone SUPINE
Numerical prefix … or, with 62-Across, another name for this puzzle’s key symbol OCTO
Olympian Jim or Ian THORPE
Place to get a rescue animal DOG#
Plow and plant again REFARM
Popular newspaper puzzle JUMBLE
Pro ___ RATA
R&B singer Khan CHAKA
Recipe details: Abbr AMTS
Repeated part of the ‘Camptown Races’ refrain DOODAH
Respectful term of address MAAM
Ring-measuring devices SIZERS
Rival school of Winchester ETON
See 70-Across TAG
Sheriff’s domain, typically COUNTY
Sierra Club founder John MUIR
Smartphones replaced them, for short PDAS
Stone-capturing board game MANCALA
Transcriber STENO
Unsettle JAR
What Rhett Butler didn’t give ADAMN
Where the sun rises, in Mexico ESTE
Where to find an average joe? URN
With 71-Across, symbol used four times in this puzzle with four different meanings HASH
Words of promise IDO
Write PEN
Yellow or gray AGE
Yoga poses ASANAS
Zoning concern USE
___ B’rith BNAI
___ Tzu SHIH