New York Times – Jul 27 2018

Clues Answers
‘Blah, blah, blah’ ETCETC
‘Cheers!’ DRINKUP
‘I dunno’ YOUGOTME
‘Nature’ or ‘Frontline’ PBSSHOW
38 things in the Lincoln Memorial COLUMNS
A little one is called a calf ICEBERG
Actress who co-starred on ‘That ’70s Show’ at age 14 KUNIS
Ages EON
Big ___ TOP
Big ___ BEN
Bit of wisdom PEARL
Broadcast network originally known as Pax IONTV
BuzzFeed competitor MASHABLE
Classifies (as) PEGS
Collar attachment IDTAG
Egyptian deity AMON
English king nicknamed ‘the Unready’ (ooh, that hurts!) ETHELRED
From which Sadie Hawkins dances come LILABNER
Go after SUE
Grand Central scene at rush hour, e.g MOB
He might say ‘A day without sunshine is like, you know, night’ CAPTAINOBVIOUS
He might say ‘A day without you is like a day without sunshine’ PRINCECHARMING
Heaps ATON
Introduce BRINGOUT
Is on the run? SKIS
Italian artist Guido RENI
Item in a box in the basement FUSE
Jonathan Safran ___, ‘Everything Is Illuminated’ author FOER
Like Miss Congeniality NICEST
Like seven candles on the first night of Hanukkah UNLIT
Lost cause GONER
Memorable demonstrator at the 1939 World’s Fair RCA
Clues Answers
More slapstick SILLIER
Mountain nymph OREAD
Moves, in slang RELOS
Novelist Nin ANAIS
One of two in ‘Hamlet’ or three in ‘Macbeth’ SCENEV
Opportune RIPE
Oscar nominee for playing Mia in ‘Pulp Fiction’ UMA
Outcry HUE
Permanently, say INPEN
Plant in the lily family ALOE
Prideful grp.? LGBT
Private meeting ONEONONE
Relatively easy city to fly into and out of HUB
Response to a knock ITSOPEN
River to the Rio Grande PECOS
Sandpaper category COARSE
Senate attire TOGAS
Setting for part of ‘Forrest Gump,’ for short NAM
Shower problem MILDEW
Singer k. d LANG
Singer K. T OSLIN
Speech in the Bible ARAMAIC
Stanley of ‘The Lovely Bones’ TUCCI
Star-crossed, say TRAGIC
Style influenced by Cubism DECO
Toon rodent ALVIN
Tourist spot on the Mediterranean SANREMO
Trendy male hairstyle MANBUN
U.S. military aircraft OSPREY
Visibly embarrassed ABLUSH
Website revenue source ADSALES
Whose last words are ‘Thus with a kiss I die’ ROMEO
___ pull GROIN

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