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New York Times – Jul 28 2018

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Clues Answers
‘By the way …’ FYI
‘Dunkirk’ and ‘Pearl Harbor,’ for short WWIIEPICS
‘Gimme a break!’ YEESH
‘My Two ___’ (1980s sitcom) DADS
‘Nigerian prince,’ often PHISHER
‘Nothing Feels Good: Punk Rock, Teenagers and ___’ (2003 book) EMO
‘___ homo’ ECCE
Actress Ana of ‘Devious Maids’ ORTIZ
Arboreal primate LEMUR
Astaire with steps ADELE
Autumn spice MACE
Big name in Art Deco ERTE
Binge-watch, maybe ODON
Book that’s the basis for the movie ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It’ ITINA
Brno-born, e.g CZECH
Camaraderie TEAMSPIRIT
Caustic soda, chemically NAOH
Channel with several spinoff channels ESPN
Cheryl of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ HINES
Comment after a bump OHSORRY
Court submission BRIEF
Distributor of Penguin classics? DCCOMICS
Former Giants G.M. Al ROSEN
French parish priests CURES
Gas in arc lamps XENON
Hip-hop’s Run-___ DMC
Kvass grains RYES
Largest section of the dictionary ESS
Like a Hail Mary DOORDIE
Made (like) ACTED
Many a time suck APP
Merit EARN
Mod bottoms MINIS
Clues Answers
Modern college major GENDERSTUDIES
More sweeping GRANDER
Movie villain whose first name is Julius DRNO
Mythical figure often depicted holding a lyre ERATO
Nick of Hollywood NOLTE
On account of DUETO
One who sucks the joy out of the room FUNSPONGE
Ones who may dress down those dressing up? FASHIONPOLICE
Onetime Korean statesman Syngman RHEE
Onetime Virginia senator Jim WEBB
Panang curry alternative PADTHAI
Part of a programmer’s conditional ELSE
Part of many an N.Y.C. subway station wall INLAIDTILE
Piece of merchandise WARE
Places of learning ACADEMIES
Places where brain waves are analyzed NEUROLABS
Prepares a bed? HOES
River crossed in 1945’s Operation Plunder RHINE
She convinced George to switch to five-pointed stars, in American legend BETSY
Show that once had an April Fools’ Day episode hosted by Pat Sajak JEOPARDY
Social reformer Dorothea DIX
Some detox diets JUICECLEANSES
Some of life’s twists and turns IRONIES
Tab’s counterpart SLOT
Thing often described redundantly as ‘of the past’ RELIC
Video game neophyte, informally NOOB
What an asterisk may mean SEENOTE
What you might charge for a ride TESLA
Words to the disloyal ETTU
Worker on the Hill AIDE
Workers on the hill ANTS