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New York Times – Jul 31 2018

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jul 31 2018 Tuesday 

Clues Answers
___ Grissom, longtime “CSI” character GIL
___ magnifique! CEST
___-Caps (candy) SNO
Actor Sheridan of “Ready Player One” TYE
Actress Kendrick or Paquin ANNA
Application USE
Apply, as plaster DAUB
Best-selling author who invented multiple languages JRRTOLKIEN
Black Sea port, to natives ODESA
Bohemian ARTY
Braid, e.g. ENLACE
Brian who coined the term “ambient music” ENO
British officers BOBBIES
Cheese similar to Camembert BRIE
Cheese similar to Gouda EDAM
City in northern Italy TURIN
Classic toy store founder FAOSCHWARZ
College recruitment org. ROTC
Company with an annual “Color of the Year” award PANTONE
Contemporary of Booker T. Washington WEBDUBOIS
Creature on Scotland’s coat of arms UNICORN
Dog breed at Buckingham Palace CORGI
Dog unlikely to have a solid coat SPOT
French wine valley LOIRE
Function associated with oscillation SINE
Had high hopes ASPIRED
Hold back RESTRAIN
Hollywood and such SHOWBIZ
Hybrid music genre with African-American roots JAZZHOP
Indication of more to come … or what 17-, 28- and 43-Across all contain DOTDOTDOT
Indy-to-Cleveland direction ENE
Informal question of identification WHODAT
Kindle, for one EREADER
Least dignified BASEST
Lift up the ski slopes TBAR
Like Splenda vis-à-vis sugar ERSATZ
Little amounts of cream DABS
Lose one’s feathers MOLT
Make stand out, as letters on stationery EMBOSS
Mesh (with) JIBE
Modern dark film genre NEONOIR
Mohawk or mullet STYLE
Molten tar, e.g. OOZE
My sincere apologies SOSORRY
Nonsense! BOSH
Not fatty LEAN
Not imaginary REAL
Novelist Seton ANYA
Oddball WEIRDO
Olympian Apolo Anton ___ OHNO
One visited by a prospective groom JEWELER
Professionals who put on coats for work PAINTERS
Rapper Nicki ___ MINAJ
Reason for a doubleheader RAINOUT
Remote button: Abbr. REW
Reply at the altar IDO
Revolutionary War foe REDCOAT
Root vegetable sometimes made into chips TARO
Salud! or “Skoal!” TOAST
School uniform wear, maybe SKIRT
Setting in “Return of the Jedi” ENDOR
Shoe material SUEDE
Special things in sci-fi films EFFECTS
Swarm (with) TEEM
Symbol of power FIST
The “U” of UHF ULTRA
The Tonight Show host before and after Conan O’Brien JAYLENO
Top of a to-do list ITEMONE
Touched in the head LOOPY
Word before collar, jacket or College ETON
Year in Spain ANO
Zilch NIL