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New York Times – Jun 1 2018

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – June 1 2018 Saturday 

Clues Answers
9/8 Central, e.g. TIMESLOT
Absolument! OUIOUI
All fired up? ABLAZE
Alternative to a cab ZIN
Animal on the Michigan state flag ELK
Cartesian conclusion IAM
City destroyed by 1-Across OSAKA
Closes, in a way SHAKESON
Cold evidence SNEEZES
Critic or comedian, it’s said EVERYONE
Disturbed, maybe AWOKEN
Drink often served chilled NOG
eBay feature CAPITALB
Eeep! UHOH
Exercise in dexterity ETUDE
Fictional character with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame GODZILLA
Film director Sergio LEONE
First name in Objectivism AYN
Friend of Ishmael QUEEQUEG
Go out, but not for long? TAKEANAP
Go-betweens: Abbr. AGTS
Golden ratio symbol PHI
Good to go? TRAVELSIZE
Grp. once known as the National Congress of Mothers PTA
Habitat for an ibex ALP
Harriet’s hubby on 1950s-’60s TV OZZIE
He had a heel that wouldn’t heal ACHILLES
Heart PITH
Impressive! OOH
Introduction to folks? THATSALL
It “sailed the ocean blue” NINA
It may be in a sling GIN
It might be in the bag TEA
It took 70 years to complete, in brief OED
It’s complicated … YESANDNO
Japanese radish DAIKON
Junk heap CRATE
Lass with a lasso COWGIRL
Lollapaloozas LULUS
Main entrances? MANHOLES
Many a software download UPDATE
Ming dynasty artifact VASE
Minute, informally ITTY
Modest, as clothing DEMURE
Nail care brand CUTEX
One involved in mass production? ALTARBOY
Parents REARS
Part of many a street name ORDINAL
People indigenous to the Colorado River MOHAVE
Remove a belt from UNGIRD
Repute ODOR
Santa ___ ANA
Sauce made with yogurt and cucumbers TZATZIKI
Set against ANTI
Sets free LOOSES
Sleep unit? ZEE
Some early “astronauts” APES
Spare item? TIREIRON
Storage units BYTES
Strobe stuff XENONGAS
They’re high in the Ivy League IQS
Till fill CASH
Time’s 2006 Person of the Year YOU
Tony winner after “Avenue Q” SPAMALOT
Weather phenomenon portrayed by Chris Farley on “S.N.L.” ELNINO
Well-dressed, photogenic guy GQTYPE
What might come after a cow or a sheep? EIEIO
What someone no longer is as soon as he is identified as one, per George Carlin UNSUNGHERO
Zookeepers’ rounds, informally TRANKS