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New York Times – Jun 10 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Cien ___ de Soledad’ (Gabriel García Márquez novel) ANOS
‘Hmm, the oven was on. Did ___ didn’t …’ IOR
‘I’m scared by the speed you’re going in this traffic!’? GIMMEABRAKE
‘Me too’ ASAMI
‘No more for me, thanks’ IMSET
‘Quantico’ actress Priyanka ___ CHOPRA
‘Star-bellied’ Seussian creature SNEETCH
‘This tollbooth line will make me late!’? INEEDTOLOSEWAIT
‘Time ___ a premium’ ISAT
Alma mater of Wm. Hewlett of Hewlett-Packard MIT
Alternating-current motor inventor TESLA
Any local in ‘The Music Man’ IOWAN
Awkward CLUMSY
Baby’s woe COLIC
Bailiwick AREA
Bit of dangly jewelry EARBOB
Brave adversary MET
Bring in EARN
Brown v. Board of Education city TOPEKA
Campaign supporter DONOR
Canine coat? ENAMEL
Carry-___ ONS
Certain vodka order, informally STOLI
City near Provo OREM
Cleanup target MESS
Colorful summer treat ICEPOP
Comic Boosler ELAYNE
Condition for some distracted kids, for short ADHD
Corp. leadership MGMT
Decision point FORK
Delaying response to ‘Is it time?’ NOTYET
Did some theater work, casually USHED
Doofus TWIT
Early online forum USENET
East Berlin’s land: Abbr DDR
Elton’s johns LOOS
Expert on jingles ADMAN
Expressive facial features BROWS
Finger-licking good TASTY
Fix, as a golf green RESOD
Force onward IMPEL
Friend of Francine AMI
Fun run length, for short ONEK
Get to Grand Central right at 5:00? MAKETHETEEM
Golden Globe winner Dunham LENA
Good ol’ boy BUBBA
Grp. with a co-pay HMO
Helicopter feature ROTOR
Help make the bed? HOE
Highway obstructed by accidents, detours and construction? ROUTEOFALLEVIL
Home of many Big Apple galleries SOHO
Honolulu’s historic ___ Palace IOLANI
House work? LAWS
Jason’s wife in myth MEDEA
Jerry’s adversary, in cartoons TOM
Kale alternative CHARD
Kind of paper FAX
Kosher LEGIT
Lane restricted to allow motorcades through? CHUTEFORTHESTARS
Last thing said before eating? AMEN
Last words of a pep talk, perhaps GOGETEM
Like legalized marijuana TAXED
Like some oil money QATARI
Like the ‘s’ in ‘aisle’ ASONANT
Matter of interest? RATE
Mlle., in Managua SRTA
Mousetrap brand DCON
Clues Answers
N.Z. neighbor AUST
Nap for a loafer? SUEDE
Neighbor of Hond NIC
Net fisher SEINER
New Haven collegian ELI
Night vision? DREAM
No-nonsense quartet? ENS
Not e’en once NEER
Not sagging at all TAUT
Not stay in the pail, say SLOP
Not taking a bow? ASTERN
One with ’18 after one’s name, say ALUM
Package sender to an enlistee, maybe ARMYMOM
Pays attention to HEEDS
Peddle VEND
Pianist Rubinstein ARTUR
Portal in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ RABBITHOLE
Prefix with -phone XYLO
Pressing and shoving me as I enter the subway? CRAMPINGMYSTILE
Prosperous period BOOM
Put on a pedestal ELEVATE
Queen dowager of Jordan NOOR
Radiate EMIT
Refrigerator handle? AMANA
Rise above the din, say YELL
Rope for strangulation GARROTE
Rule against singing OMERTA
Rural turndown NAW
San Francisco : BART :: Philadelphia : ___ SEPTA
Scraped (out) EKED
Sends a breakup text, say (tsk!) ENDSIT
Shellac and myrrh RESINS
Simple life? AMOEBA
Sister of Snow White ROSERED
Snacks during hora feliz TAPAS
Somewhere over the rainbow they’re blue, in song SKIES
Song lead-in to ‘di’ or ‘da’ OBLA
Sounds before sneezes AHS
Special soldier GREENBERET
Standing Rock tribe SIOUX
Sweater damage SNAG
Take a hit TOKE
Take care of SEETO
Tax ___ REBATE
They sit in front of a cox OARMEN
Things sometimes stolen in Hollywood SCENES
Thread: Prefix FILI
Through VIA
Time release ISSUE
Title kitten in a Key and Peele action comedy KEANU
Toodle-oos TATAS
Took public transportation while one’s wheels were at the shop? BUSSEDYOURBUTT
Tool for a blacksmith GRINDSTONE
Utah’s ___ Canyon (locale of petroglyphs) SEGO
Washington, but not Jefferson STATE
Where Scarlett got a letter? TARA
Word repeated by Romeo in ‘As mine on ___, so ___ is set on mine’ HERS
Youth org. since 1910 BSA
___ cavity ORAL
___ colada PINA
___ Homme (fashion line) DIOR
___ no ACCT
___ qua non SINE
___ Tzu (dog) SHIH