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New York Times – Jun 11 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Cool!’ RAD
‘I do,’ at a wedding VOW
‘I’ve got this round!’ … or a literal hint to this puzzle’s theme DRINKSAREONME
‘Pay attention out there!’ LOOKALIVE
‘The ___ shall inherit the earth’ MEEK
‘___ Just Not That Into You’ HES
‘___ over’ (‘We’re done’) ITS
5K or 10K RACE
And others, in a bibliography ETAL
Back talk LIP
Barely makes, with ‘out’ EKES
Beginning OUTSET
Big name in arcade gaming ATARI
Bombeck who wrote ‘Housework, if you do it right, will kill you’ ERMA
Chef Lagasse EMERIL
Chronic complainer NAG
Classic record label EMI
Colored part of the eye IRIS
Copenhagener, e.g DANE
Country’s Reba MCENTIRE
Danny DeVito’s role in 1975’s ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ MARTINI
Dermatological sacs CYSTS
Designer Hilfiger TOMMY
Dresses in India SARIS
Droop SAG
Fair way to judge something ONMERIT
Fish sometimes served smoked SALMON
French ballroom dance GAVOTTE
George Bernard Shaw wanted his to read ‘I knew if I stayed around long enough, something like this would happen’ EPITAPH
Gushing review RAVE
Hand tool for boring holes GIMLET
Home made of mud and thatch HUT
Horn-___ glasses RIMMED
Hush-hush government org NSA
Inky mess BLOT
Kentucky senator Paul RAND
Knight’s title SIR
Longtime inits. in newswires UPI
Clues Answers
Meas. of a country’s economic output GDP
Minor gain in football ONEYARD
Mister, in Milan SIGNOR
Mix, as paint STIR
Mob informant RAT
Moonwalker Armstrong NEIL
Motorcycle attachment SIDECAR
Muslim leaders IMAMS
Nixes from Nixon, e.g VETOES
On ___ with (even with) APAR
One with only younger siblings ELDEST
Pie recipe directive COOL
Pie recipe directive BAKE
Pointing in this direction: <– LEFT
President pro ___ TEM
Press agents, informally FLACKS
Professional’s opposite AMATEUR
Puppy’s bite NIP
Result of iron deficiency ANEMIA
Roster LIST
Sault ___ Marie, Mich STE
Short albums, for short EPS
Singer Grande ARIANA
Sis’s sibling BRO
Sitarist Shankar RAVI
Some Jamaican music SKA
Spreadsheet amount shown in parentheses LOSS
Sticker that might start ‘Hello …’ NAMETAG
Surge of exhilaration THRILL
Sustain temporarily TIDEOVER
The ‘k’ of kHz KILO
The ___ Brothers of R&B ISLEY
Thomas Edison’s middle name ALVA
Tropical tree with hot pink flowers MIMOSA
U.S.’s largest union, with 3.2 million members NEA
Undergarment usually fastened in the back BRA
Unleashes, as havoc WREAKS
Window ledge SILL