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New York Times – Jun 16 2018

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Clues Answers
‘… the Lord ___ away’ TAKETH
‘House of Cards,’ e.g NETFLIXORIGINAL
‘Jay ___ Garage’ (Emmy-winning series) LENOS
‘Pulp Fiction’ actor Rhames VING
‘___ Funny That Way’ (old song standard) SHES
9-Down selection AHI
Ancient Greek colonnade STOA
Antibiotic ointment NEOSPORIN
Apollo played with them LYRES
Argentine soccer star, informally LEOMESSI
Back-to-school purchase BINDER
Be hot BOIL
Big gulp SWIG
Class SORT
Classic paperback publisher AVON
Comfy shoe features GELINSOLES
Comment after a burp EXCUSEYOU
Compliment, typically EGOBOOSTER
Cool, colloquially BOSS
Court interruption IOBJECT
Doctors’ orders? AHS
Embiggen ENLARGE
Fair game RINGTOSS
First king to unite all the Frankish tribes CLOVIS
Flawlessly styled, in modern slang ONFLEEK
Former reality TV show first hosted by Anderson Cooper THEMOLE
Get going BEGIN
Good time to build a castle? LOWTIDE
Hero of New Orleans POBOY
Highest score in baccarat NINE
Hopes, with some effort, that one will TRIESTO
Image on the South Carolina flag PALM
Indianapolis Motor Speedway, e.g OVAL
Japanese lunch option BENTOBOX
Clues Answers
John, overseas LOO
Letters before Q LGBT
Like pub patrons BEERY
Luxury Hyundai AZERA
Major thoroughfare in Rome VIAVENETO
Member of the British royal family ANNE
Ministers (to) TENDS
Must get NEED
Oneirologist’s study DREAMS
Paleolithic relic AXE
Path of an overnight star ZEROTOHERO
Polo alternative TEE
Real lifesavers ANTIDOTES
Red Spanish wine RIOJA
Rocket stabilizer GYRO
Role on the 1960s ‘Star Trek’ SCOTTY
School in the Big Sky Conference IDAHOSTATE
Sediment LEES
Sing to a baby, maybe CROON
Some rolls SUSHI
Something carried by a singer TUNE
Starter for starter? NON
Sticky patch DECAL
Successfully wooed WONOVER
Teen ___ IDOL
The King, late in his career FATELVIS
Touching, maybe BESIDE
Tub-thump ORATE
Vacation destinations off the coast of Venezuela ABCISLANDS
Vegan no-nos EGGS
Villain’s part, often BASS
What every actor would probably like to do WINANOSCAR
Writing on the wall, so to speak FATE