New York Times – Jun 17 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Catch my drift?’ GETIT
‘I’m there!’ ITSADATE
‘Incidentally …’ ONASIDENOTE
‘Molto ___’ BENE
‘Mom’ for a day, say FAKETATTOO
‘Peace!’ TATA
1987 Lionel Richie hit SELA
Aids in recovering lost pets IDCHIPS
Art capable CANST
Artist’s pad, maybe LOFT
At one’s best INRAREFORM
Babe, for one PIG
Bacchanalia ORGY
Campaign grps PACS
Certain essential worker, for short ERNURSE
Comic who said ‘I’m not addicted to cocaine. I just like the way it smells’ PRYOR
Costa ___ RICA
File type used in paper-to-digital archiving PDF
Free educational spots, for short PSAS
Genealogical listing: Abbr REL
Grayish ASHY
Heroic knights PALADINS
Hotel offerings: Abbr RMS
It helps keep your head above water POOLNOODLE
It was all a dream, maybe PLOTTWIST
Key that closes a window ESC
Lengths of rulers, maybe TERMS
Like many baking sheets before baking OILED
Like some Marcel Duchamp works DADAIST
Literally, Sanskrit for ‘joining’ YOGA
Many college profs PHDS
Mass agreement AMEN
Measure (out) DOLE
Mr. of film DEEDS
Nonbinary pronoun THEM
Not numb SENSATE
On trend CHIC
One out of 10 TOE
One with sound judgment? AUDIOPHILE
Pittance SOU
Popular poster INFLUENCER
Pro’s opponent CON
Refuse WONT
Round and round and round? BOUT
Runway hazard SLEET
Shaft ROD
Shower stall accessories SOAPDISHES
Skateboarders’ stunts OLLIES
Sneak off somewhere STEALAWAY
Southern cornmeal dish PONE
Spread some dirt SPILLTHETEA
Succeeded in WONAT
Tahoe or Winnebago LAKE
Taken care of SET
Team building? ARENA
The Rockets, on a sports ticker HOU
Theater props? OBIES
They’re rolled out once a year at the White House EASTEREGGS
Time to go in CURFEW
Urban scavenger ALLEYCAT
Way to go PATH
Wee, informally EENY
What a colon might mean ISTO
Whose work may be all play? DRAMACOACH
Word with light or space OPERA
Workshop fasteners TNUTS
Zelle or Zillow APP
___ League ARAB
___ sum (leafy vegetable in Chinese cuisine) CHOY

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