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New York Times – Jun 18 2018

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Clues Answers
‘At Last’ singer ___ James ETTA
‘I Like ___’ (1950s campaign button) IKE
Abounds (with) TEEMS
Actor Billy ___ Williams DEE
Actress Raymonde of ‘Lost’ TANIA
African desert SAHARA
Amo, amas, ___ .. AMAT
An ‘X’ might ‘mark the spot’ on one MAP
Barely making, with ‘out’ EKING
Bathroom bar offering so-called ’round-the-clock’ protection DIALSOAP
Beetle Bailey’s superior SARGE
Biblical land CANAAN
Big inconvenience HASSLE
Blue Ribbon brewery PABST
Candy suckers in the form of jewelry RINGPOPS
Capital of Iran TEHRAN
Chip or coin thrown in the pot ANTE
College degree unit CREDIT
Cremation vessel URN
Doing sentry duty ONWATCH
Earl Grey pouch on a string TEABAG
Excites AMPSUP
Filming device, informally CAM
George of the original ‘Star Trek’ TAKEI
Gives off, as light EMITS
Goddess of the dawn EOS
Hawaiian surfing mecca WAIKIKI
Historical period ERA
Hole-making tool AWL
Letters meaning ‘Make it snappy!’ ASAP
Like not-quite-mashed potatoes RICED
Location SITE
Make an offer for at auction BIDON
Mimicking APING
Model 3 electric car maker TESLA
Clues Answers
Monochromatic UNICOLOR
Mouth-puckering TART
Nada ZIP
Needing medicine, say ILL
Nut from Australia MACADAMIA
Old-fashioned writers SCRIBES
One-percenters and such ELITES
Place to sweat it out SAUNA
Postal letters, deprecatingly SNAILMAIL
Presidential son Reagan RON
Q-tip, for one SWAB
Quilting or crossword solving, e.g PASTIME
Reddish ROSY
Rejections NOS
Result of a serious head injury COMA
Ruler until 1917 CZAR
Sacred ceremonies RITUALS
Salary before bonuses BASEPAY
Science fiction writer Asimov ISAAC
Sidewalk’s edge CURB
Spanish rice dish PAELLA
Squirrel’s stash ACORNS
Stage prompt CUE
Start, as a meeting CALLTOORDER
Stopped all that yapping CANNEDIT
Temporary rain cover TARP
The ‘A’ and ‘S’ of 1-Across ASSOON
Thousand thou MIL
Trendy, much-used lingo … or a hint to the starts of 16-, 23-, 35- and 48-Across BUZZWORDS
Twinge of guilt PANG
Venus’s tennis doubles partner SERENA
Wall fixture for a landline PHONEJACK
Yearns (for) ACHES
___ Direction (boy band) ONE
___ Jones industrial average DOW
___ Mahal TAJ