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New York Times – Jun 19 2018

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jun 19 2018 Tuesday

Clues Answers
___ a living ITS
___ Breckinridge (Gore Vidal novel) MYRA
___-relief BAS
12:00 and 1:00: Abbr. HRS
A political refugee might seek it ASYLUM
Accomplish schemingly WANGLE
Anne Hathaway’s role in “Becoming   Jane” AUSTEN
Apple tablet IPAD
Be that as it may … ANYHOW
Big do, informally FRO
Birds that lay big green eggs EMUS
Boatloads ALOT
Boring routine RUT
Cabinet dept. led by Ben Carson beginning in 2017 HUD
Candy with a comic, once BAZOOKABUBBLEGUM
ChapStick target LIP
Church nook APSE
Classic street liners ELMS
Clear the board ERASE
Clothing lines HEMS
Company that created Pong ATARI
Comprende? SEE
Cough syrup amt. TSP
Curved entrance ARCHWAY
Debtor’s letters IOU
Deserving sorrow and compassion PITEOUS
Do a hurried search in RIFLETHROUGH
East Germany: Abbr. DDR
Emphatic affirmative YESYES
End a fast EAT
Fastener on a manila envelope CLASP
French painter Henri known for “The Sleeping Gypsy” ROUSSEAU
George Ferris, for the Ferris wheel EPONYM
Glower in a hearth EMBER
Hall-of-Fame QB Johnny UNITAS
Hit 2016 animated film with the tagline “Welcome to the urban jungle” ZOOTOPIA
Hotel posting RATES
Ingredient in jerk sauce ALLSPICE
Invite to enter ASKIN
Italian resort on the Mediterranean SANREMO
Jacob’s twin ESAU
Just do it and “Coke is it!” SLOGANS
Like moussaka and souvlaki GREEK
Litmus paper reddener ACID
Mercenary for the British in the Revolutionary War HESSIAN
Morsel in trail mix RAISIN
One 10-millionth of a joule ERG
One who says “I’ll have …” ORDERER
Paper handout LEAFLET
Phaser setting STUN
Prefix with political and science GEO
Pugilists’ org. WBA
Rum ___ Tugger (“Cats” cat) TUM
See 26-Down WARNING
Shirt stiffener STARCH
Short, stocky person, figuratively FIREPLUG
Sits in the front passenger seat RIDESSHOTGUN
Some Japanese-made TVs SONYS
Sound of an impact WHAM
Speak indistinctly SLUR
Speakers’ platforms ROSTRA
Sticky stuff GLUE
Supply water to HYDRATE
Tears RIPS
Thick slice SLAB
Things loafers lack LACES
Things might get ___ UGLY
Three up, three down threesome OUTS
Tornado alert SIREN
Verizon acquisition of 2006 MCI
Vice president Agnew SPIRO
Waikiki party LUAU
Where the buoys are SEA
With 25-Down, caution before a potentially upsetting lecture … or a hint to 19- and 59-Across and 7-Down? TRIGGER
Writer Morrison TONI