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New York Times – Jun 20 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Real dogs eat meat’ sloganeer ALPO
‘That doesn’t seem right’ ODD
‘Westworld’ airer HBO
111 things? ONES
A firecracker goes in one ARC
About whom Bette Davis said ‘Her instinct, her mastery over the machine, was pure witchcraft’ GARBO
Alice’s cat in ‘Through the Looking-Glass’ DINAH
Alternative to a truncheon TASER
And so on, briefly ETC
Bit in a fish tank ALGA
Casanova’s desire AMORE
Circuit section RELAY
Competition with minimal apparel SUMO
Critic with raised or lowered thumbs EBERT
Cuba ___ (cocktail) LIBRE
Dangerous RISKY
Dangerous things to do at busy intersections UEYS
Dangerous virus EBOLA
Devious SLY
Dinosaur’s starting place EGG
Disney’s fourth animated feature film DUMBO
Elaborate theft, in movies CAPER
Evidence of a cat fight? FURONTHEFLOOR
Extended sentence? RUNON
Falco of ‘The Sopranos’ EDIE
Final Oldsmobile model ALERO
Fix, as text EMEND
Fundamentals ABCS
Goes by livery taxi HIRESACAR
Google Maps, for one APP
Hairstyling factor BODY
Having trouble with BADAT
Impolite press conference attendees? CURTREPORTERS
Important ID SSN
Insult, informally DIS
June celebrant, for short GRAD
Clues Answers
Know the ___ ROPES
Like chlorine gas TOXIC
Lump in one’s throat UVULA
Lustrous fabrics LAMES
Makes use (of) AVAILS
Nincompoop ASS
Numerical prefix TRI
Part of the queen’s tea service? PALACECUP
Part of two major-league team names SOX
Q5 or Q7 AUDI
Quite distant AFAR
Religious leader usually sporting a beard IMAM
Repeating segment of computer code LOOP
Roadwork indicator CONE
Send out a jet SPEW
Serious damage to one’s reputation STAIN
Small Eurasian songbird BULLFINCH
Some catering equipment URNS
Some light rail options TRAMS
Spring sound BOING
Suffix with mountain EER
Take the show on the road TOUR
Taste quality UMAMI
Tinker Bell, e.g GOODFAIRY
Title for Voldemort LORD
TV chef Jacques PEPIN
U.S. president with the most southerly birthplace OBAMA
Unsupportive votes NAYS
Up for something GAME
Well-behaved sister? PROPERNUN
What teens do that most twentysomethings don’t GROW
William who co-wrote ‘The Elements of Style’ STRUNK
Word with weather or ball FOUL
___ New Guinea PAPUA