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New York Times – Jun 21 2018

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jun 21 2018 Thursday

Clues Answers
___ crawl PUB
___ flu ASIAN
___ say! ILL
___ v. Ohio (landmark case barring illegally obtained evidence from being used in court) MAPP
A traffic jam may change it, for short ETA
A.F.L.-___ CIO
Accepts a perceived flaw with pride OWNSIT
Adjective-to-noun changer NESS
Bag, in product names SAK
Big acronym in Hollywood SAG
Big scenes ADOS
Boo! shouter SCARER
Boy’s name that’s a fruit spelled backward EMIL
Check out OGLE
Chicago’s ___ Park HYDE
Chilean child NENE
Crop up ARISE
Cyberaddresses URLS
DC Comics hero with a magic ring GREENLANTERN
Den ___, Nederland HAAG
Drive follower THRU
Dyeing art BATIK
Emergency cry from a pilot ABORT
Fair-hiring inits., as for L.G.B.T. workers EEO
Flower part STAMEN
Flowery writing PURPLEPROSE
Foe of Snoopy REDBARON
Fueling concern, in brief MPG
Gilpin of “Frasier” PERI
Go, ___! TEAM
Grp. called in when things go off the rails? NTSB
H.S. course in which students might read   Cervantes APSPANISH
Having hardly any spice TAME
Hero decorations PURPLEHEARTS
Home to every M.L.B. club whose name starts with “A” ALWEST
Horse leader? REIN
Ingredient in a classic gin martini ORANGEBITTERS
L.G.B.T. activist Savage DAN
Lambeau Field pro GREENBAYPACKER
Libretto listing ARIA
Luxurious POSH
Manhattan area north of TriBeCa SOHO
Material collected in Minecraft ORE
Mate’s consent AYE
Minister’s office PASTORATE
Miracle-___ GRO
Ocular infection STYE
Old transportation agcy. ICC
Path in a hit 1939 film YELLOWBRICKROAD
Path to an Oscar? REDCARPET
Peace, y’all! ADIOSAMIGOS
Prefix with discrimination ANTI
Prefix with skeptic EURO
Prince album that was #1 for 24 weeks PURPLERAIN
Publicize AIR
Rooter FAN
Run ___ of AFOUL
Salad items picked at the midpoint of their maturity YELLOWPEPPERS
Small number FEW
Some cross-country flights REDEYES
Some luxury cars AUDIS
Some shopping restrictions BLUELAWS
Start of a new year ARIES
Start to cry? CEE
Stonewall and others INNS
Stop on Amtrak’s Lake Shore Limited ERIE
Syracuse athletes, once ORANGEMEN
The “me” of “Despicable Me” GRU
The Gay Nineties, e.g. ERA
Then: Fr. ALORS
Toll FEE
Tornado sound ROAR
Tropicana plant ORANGETREE
University of Delaware mascot BLUEHEN
Villainous army in a 1968 Beatles film BLUEMEANIES
What gets the show on the road, for short? USO
What you may have that I can’t? ARE
Wield PLY
Wrangler rival LEE