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New York Times – Jun 23 2018

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions РJun 23 2018 Saturday 

Clues Answers
___ acid FOLIC
___ Evil (1971 Mia Farrow thriller) SEENO
___ Ramblin’ Man (#1 Waylon Jennings country hit) IMA
1991 self-titled debut album ALANIS
A Room With a View clergyman BEEBE
Abrasive HARSH
Basic spreadsheet command SORT
Be down with HAVE
Big A.T.M. maker NCR
Blimey! sayer BRIT
Business, either personal or otherwise AFFAIRS
Can’t take DETESTS
Capital where the Arab Spring began TUNIS
Card makeup BOUTS
Childlike personality? CELEBRITYCHEF
Circumflex lookalike CARET
Commercial break? ECONOMICBOYCOTT
Composition of some grids STREETS
Copies illegally CRIBS
Crack filler SPACKLE
D.C.’s historic Metropolitan ___ Church: Abbr. AME
Depart unceremoniously, in slang BAIL
Depart unceremoniously? ELOPE
Dined at someone else’s place ATEOVER
Dulce de ___ (Latin American confection) LECHE
Express carefully COUCH
Female koala DOE
Fiddled (with) MONKEYED
Fierce opponent of patriarchy RADICALFEMINIST
First name in the Gospels PONTIUS
Flip out GOAPE
Football helmet item DECAL
Foreign news correspondent Richard ENGEL
Fruit juice brand HIC
Fully in agreement UNANIMOUS
Gets clean, in a way DETOXES
Gets into the game ANTES
Japanese carrier ANA
Lake ___, Australia’s lowest point EYRE
Limitation for borrowers LOANCAP
Literally, “the foundation” ALQAEDA
Manages to avoid DUCKS
Manufactured drug, for short SYNTH
Microsoft Surface surface TOUCHPAD
Montreal’s Bell Centre and others ICEHOCKEYARENAS
Mountain ridge ARETE
Naira spender NIGERIAN
One “whose faulty vision sees things as they are, not as they ought to be,” per Ambrose Bierce CYNIC
Ones hoping for prior approval? ABBOTS
Overwhelming favorite, informally LOCK
Passe, so to speak LASTYEAR
Prepare for return shipping, say RELABEL
Problem in the Tower of Babel story LANGUAGEBARRIER
Recruits ROPESIN
Renaissance symbol PHOENIX
School extension? EDU
Song that debuted on Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day in 1880 OCANADA
Specializations AREAS
Speed HIE
Starting site for sorties AIRBASE
They’re answered once and for all FAQS
They’re covered by boards AGENDAS
Timorous question DOIDARE
Tunneling machines BORERS
Under: Fr. SOUS