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New York Times – Jun 24 2018

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Clues Answers
‘A ___ believes no one’ (old saying) LIAR
‘Coo-oo-ool!’ NEATO
‘Don’t bite the hand that feeds you,’ e.g AXIOM
‘Friendly’ cartoon character CASPER
‘In Dulci Jubilo’ and others HYMNS
‘There, there’ ITSOK
‘This is looking bad’ UHOH
‘___ Jacques’ FRERE
‘___ U.S.A.’ (1963 hit) SURF
106-Down director SPIELBERG
1975 summer blockbuster JAWS
2004 also-ran KERRY
Actor Morales ESAI
Actress Salma HAYEK
Add spice to JAZZUP
Add surreptitiously SLIPIN
Adjudicate, as a case HEAR
And so on: Abbr ETC
Aromatic yellow citrus YUZU
Bad-mouth MALIGN
Beginning DAWN
Bit of hydrotherapy SALTBATH
Brought out ELICITED
Buzz out in space ALDRIN
Cabaret accessory BOA
Caffè ___ LATTE
Caffeinated drink with tapioca balls BOBATEA
Charged RANAT
Cheap and gaudy TAWDRY
Christen anew RENAME
Class with drills SHOP
Common knee injury site, briefly ACL
Concerning ASTO
Conventions: Abbr STDS
Country music channel, once TNN
Decorative pillowcase SHAM
Deteriorates ROTS
Disgustingly obsequious SLIMY
Does more than ask BEGS
Doled (out) METED
Dr. ___ Sattler, ‘Jurassic Park’ paleobotanist ELLIE
Elevs HGTS
Energy giant that fell into ignominy in 2002 ENRON
Evening, in ads NITE
Expenditures’ counterpart REVENUE
Fairy tale ‘lump’ PEA
Farm machine SEEDER
Fathers or brothers HES
Fictional setting for 106-Down AMITYISLAND
Flight board abbr ARR
Frozen dessert chain TCBY
Get a new mortgage REFANCE
Gives meaning to DEFES
Gobbled (down) WOLFED
Golfer’s obstacle WATERHAZARD
Hack CAB
Handles deftly FESSES
Himalayan native NEPALI
Hit BBC comedy, briefly ABFAB
Horn of Africa native SOMALI
Indian blueblood RANI
Is a crowd TEEMS
Is there in spirit? HAUNTS
John of spy fiction LECARRE
Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake TENOR
Lacking a break ONEACT
Leaves nervously exhausted FRAZZLES
Like the menace in 106-Down MANEATING
Locale for a trough STY
Clues Answers
Lyricist Sammy CAHN
Makes fun of RAZZES
Martin who wrote ‘The Pregnant Widow’ AMIS
Menace in 106-Down SHARK
Metaphor for deliberate ignorance DEAFEAR
Mid-crisis hire, perhaps PRTEAM
Mistrusts DOUBTS
Modern subject of F.A.A. regulation DRONE
Modest skirts MIDIS
Morse clicks DITS
Mother or sister NUN
Movie org. whose ‘100 Years … 100 Thrills’ list has 106-Down at #2 AFI
Neon, e.g INERTGAS
No longer in force NULL
Ones eligible for marathon prizes FISHERS
Opposite of colorblindness? BIGOTRY
Oscar ___ (Hollywood honor, informally) NOM
Peevish quality HUFFESS
Peter of ‘The Maltese Falcon’ LORRE
Pink, e.g POPSTAR
Pixielike ELF
Pottery WARE
Powerful D.C. lobby AARP
Precollege, for short ELHI
Preppy wear POLO
Proud, fiery types, they say LEOS
Santa ___ ANA
Save for later, in a way DVR
Scylla or Charybdis SEAMONSTER
Seasonal quaff NOG
See 86-Across WHITE
Seriously uptight ANAL
Silver-tongued GLIB
Simple kind of antenna DIPOLE
Singer Haggard MERLE
Sinking feelings DREADS
Ska-punk band with the 1997 song ‘Sell Out’ REELBIGFISH
Skill ART
Small herrings SPRATS
Some Houdini feats ESCAPES
Some northern Europeans FNS
Something extraordinary that won’t soon be forgotten ALLTIMER
Something to angle for TROUT
Southern sandwich POBOY
Speedy wide receiver, perhaps DEEPTHREAT
Sports arbiter REF
Staff leader? CLEF
Suffer AIL
Sunning area PATIO
Superman, by birth KALEL
Symbols in calculus SIGMAS
Takes a load off RESTS
Teensy amount DROP
Text tweaks EDITS
Things investors take an interest in? CDS
Tidiness ORDER
Transmission GEARBOX
TV show with the season’s highest rating, often FALE
Utmost degree NTH
With 87-Across, what might cost you an arm and a leg? GREAT
With spite MEANLY
Word with black or blood TIE
Worrisome sight for a swimmer DORSALF
Yogi’s accessory MAT
Zen Buddhist goal SATORI
[Fingers crossed] HOPESO
[Kiss] MWAH