New York Times – Jun 26 2018

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jun 26 2018 Tuesday 

Clues Answers
*Autobiography of Nobel laureate Yousafzai IAMMALALA
*Capital of Malaysia KUALALUMPUR
*Meals permissible under Islamic law HALALFOOD
*Popular European skiing region CENTRALALPS
*Spaced out INLALALAND
[U r hilarious] LOL
___ Tesfaye, real name of pop music’s the Weeknd ABEL
Adopt-a-thon adoptees PETS
Alex and ___ (jewelry retailer) ANI
Ali with a perfect 24-0 record LAILA
Alternative name for He-Man ADAM
Am ___ only one? ITHE
Architect’s field DESIGN
Bantu speakers ZULUS
Benicio ___, Best Supporting Actor winner for “Traffic” DELTORO
Boy of Mayberry OPIE
Bundle of joy BABY
Buy stocks, perhaps INVEST
Captain Blood star Flynn ERROL
Carrier to Seoul ASIANA
Circle calculation AREA
Citizen competitor SEIKO
College GameDay channel ESPN
Console pioneer ATARI
Crazy DAFT
Elusive horse with a horn UNICORN
Eventually become ENDUP
Father of Thor ODIN
Forever ___ day ANDA
Front and back, at Augusta NINES
Gas in fuel : ETHANE ETHANE
Home of the Jazz UTAH
Inform of everything that happened BRIEF
It may be delayed by snow: Abbr. ETD
James of the court LEBRON
Literary collection OMNIBUS
Major Iowa crop CORN
Make smile AMUSE
Mike who starred in “Austin Powers” MYERS
Mogadishu-born supermodel IMAN
Moves with one’s back against a wall, say SIDLES
Not be straight with LIETO
Notable time period ERA
On the whole … or, when read in two parts, what the answer to each starred clue has ALTOGETHER
One more, please ANOTHER
One of the Manning brothers ELI
Original “Top Gear” channel BBC
Otherworldly glow AURA
Packing a piece ARMED
Part of the body that’s spanked REAR
Piece of lawn SOD
Practical joke GAG
Proof of ownership DEED
Put through hell night, say HAZED
Qatar’s peninsula ARABIA
Reddit Q&A feature AMA
Rightmost bowling pin TEN
Roadside stopover INN
Sailor, informally TAR
Shape of a rainbow ARC
Short, concise and to the point (unlike this clue) TERSE
Singer Carly ___ Jepsen RAE
Sister brand of Nilla wafers OREO
Small change NICKEL
Soccer ball filler AIR
Summer sign LEO
Tibetan legends YETIS
Trash holders BINS
Twin of He-Man SHERA
Warm up in seconds NUKE
Way cool! RAD
What a filling fills CAVITY
Where bagels and vodka originated POLAND
Word with curtain or hot ROD
Yep, sadly that’s true FRAIDSO

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