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New York Times – Jun 27 2018

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jun 27 2018 Wednesday 

Clues Answers
… as it ___ heaven ISIN
___ qua non SINE
1953 A.L. M.V.P. Al ROSEN
Adobe color OCHRE
Animosities that may span generations FEUDS
Aplomb COOL
Archibald ___ (Cary Grant’s real name) LEACH
Basic query to a physicist? WHATSMATTER
Beauty is truth, truth beauty is part of one ODE
Big D.C. lobby NRA
Big name in foil ALCOA
Bloated, say GASSY
Brain or watch part STEM
Calmer, in brief TRANQ
Capital once ruled by France HANOI
Carpenter’s leveler SHIM
Chauffeurs the actor Kevin to his house? BRINGSHOMEBACON
Christmas topper T SANTAHAT
Comic strip cry ACK
Concludes filming WRAPS
Core muscles ABS
Cry after “Company” HALT
Downton Abbey title EARL
Early “Saturday Night Live” camera command? CUTTOCHASE
English princess ANNE
Environment AREA
Excalibur was his sword ARTHUR
Founded: Abbr. ESTAB
Goes out with SEES
Gutter locale EAVE
Haiti’s Papa Doc or Baby Doc DUVALIER
Hits into the outfield SWATS
I.C.U. workers RNS
Ike’s charge in W.W. II ETO
Insurance giant based in Columbus, Ga. AFLAC
It “should not mean / But be,” per Archibald MacLeish POEM
Its alphabet goes from Alfa to Zulu NATO
Job ad abbr. EOE
Kvetch MOAN
Latina miss: Abbr. SRTA
Lays flat KOS
Leavers of pheromone trails ANTS
Like a seat with a coat over it, maybe TAKEN
Managed RAN
Modern Persian IRANI
Mysteries in the ’16 film “Arrival” ETS
Narc’s grp. DEA
Noirish DARK
Noisy bites CHOMPS
Nonverbal communication, for short ASL
One of two in many churches AISLE
One, on a bill UNUM
One-third of an ellipsis DOT
Opposing voice ANTI
Prefix with comic SERIO
Result of a lashing WELT
Sallie ___ (student loan offerer) MAE
Sean Parker’s famous advice to Mark Zuckerberg in naming The Facebook … or a hint to 17-, 24-, 36- and 46-Across : DROPTHETHE
Sharp footwear ICESKATES
Shouldn’t everyone be doing this now? ISNTITTIME
Sites for development UTERI
Source of many English words LATELATIN
Source of pain for a lion, per Aesop THORN
Squalid RATTY
Start of an elimination EENIE
Taro, in Hawaiian cuisine STAPLE
Tennis champ Mandlikova HANA
Waterfall feature, often MIST
What a slalom path has SSHAPE
When some news is aired ATTEN
Yarn unit SKEIN
You want Pepsi or Coke?, e.g.? POPQUESTION