New York Times – Jun 28 2018

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jun 28 2018 Thursday 

Clues Answers
__ lepton (subatomic particle) TAU
___ factor ICK
___ Minor URSA
Actress Anouk of “La Dolce Vita” AIMEE
Actress Dennings of “2 Broke Girls” KAT
Alvin and the Chipmunks, e.g. TRIO
Assent in Andalusia SISI
Assume a leading role TAKECENTERSTAGE
Author Gail with biographies of Hillary Clinton and Mikhail Gorbachev SHEEHY
Big name in cosmetics ESTEE
Bohemian sorts FREESPIRITS
Bread common to many countries EURO
Building of interest, maybe ACCRUAL
Cause of some spinning wheels RUT
Chest protectors? ATTICS
Classic Scott Joplin rag THEENTERTAINER
Cleaning tools DUSTERS
Collectors of DNA CSIS
Compete in slopestyle, say SKI
Country in a Beatles title USSR
Downed ATE
Fair grades CEES
First name on the Supreme Court ELENA
Four people might compete in them SEMIS
Fowl-tasting Japanese dish I CHICKENTERIYAKI
G.I. classification MIA
Great birds EGRETS
Highland youth LASS
Hindu sun god RAVI
Hip-hop artist with the #1 album “Hip Hop Is Dead” NAS
Home run ___ (baseball highlight) TROT
In sci-fi, it had the registry number NCC-1701 USSENTERPRISE
Indigo dye source ANIL
Insects that nest in deadwood CARPENTERANTS
Jackson 5 coifs, informally FROS
Joe of Hollywood PESCI
Jordanian tourist site PETRA
Key that moves the cursor to the next line … or a hint to answering five clues in this puzzle ENTER
Last U.S. president who never had a vice president ARTHUR
Like almost all of Turkey’s flag RED
Literally, “big wind” TYPHOON
Logician’s “E” ERAT
Macbeth and Macduff THANES
Messenger molecule RNA
Model Chrissy TEIGEN
One of the 12 tributes in “The Hunger Games” RUE
Ones going down the tubes? OVA
Order in a lawyer’s letter CEASE
Part of a dict. entry ETYM
Pheromone, notably ATTRACTANT
Professional who’s often busy in Q2 CPA
Pull (in) REIN
Real know-it-all? SIRI
Sales caveat ASIS
Scammer’s ID target SSN
Scarce RARE
Short dagger STILETTO
Shortening in the kitchen? TSP
Small, low island CAY
Some big sports stories UPSETS
Some Hindu meditative exercises TANTRA
Style: Fr. TON
Symphony section: Abbr. STR
Teri Garr’s role in “Young Frankenstein” INGA
They might be linked by LANs PCS
Victoria’s Secret specification DCUP
Wear seen in “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” SERAPE
Wheat whacker SCYTHE
Whom mentors mentor TRAINEES
Workers and soldiers CASTES

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