New York Times – Jun 4 2018

Clues Answers
‘Don’t go!’ STAY
‘However …’ BUT
‘Later!’ CIAO
‘Meet the Press’ host Chuck TODD
‘Nonsense!’ BALDERDASH
‘Nuts!’ DARN
‘What else?’ AND
‘What’s the ___?’ (‘Who cares?’) DIF
‘___ takers?’ ANY
18+ ticket category ADULT
180° from SSW NNE
Active types DOERS
Actress Perlman of ‘Cheers’ RHEA
Alludes (to) REFERS
Archenemy of the Fantastic Four DRDOOM
Baseball’s ‘Slammin’ Sammy’ SOSA
Berry for a purple smoothie ACAI
Best TOP
Birds on some Australian coins EMUS
Boise’s state IDAHO
Boneless cut named for a New York restaurant DELMONICOSTEAK
Brand that ‘nobody doesn’t like’ SARALEE
Bug spray component DEET
Carrying a gun ARMED
Cheap section in a plane COACH
City north of Carson City RENO
Corner PC key ESC
Covering of a corn ear HUSK
Deborah of ‘The King and I’ KERR
Dog shelter KENNEL
Down with a bug ILL
Dumpster emanation ODOR
Expressed SAID
Flier from flower to flower BEE
Folklore baddie OGRE
Get up RISE
Glitch SNAG
Golfer Ernie ELS

Clues Answers
Hilton hotel chain … or what 18-, 29- and 49-Across each have DOUBLETREE
Home to the N.B.A.’s Heat MIAMI
Honeybunch TOOTS
Iraqi city whose name, appropriately, is an anagram of ARABS BASRA
Item held by an actor PROP
Jet that evades radar detection STEALTHFIGHTER
Kim, to Khloé Kardashian, for short SIS
Limp watch painter DALI
National Geographic has a new one every month ISSUE
Painful throb ACHE
Performing now LIVE
Place for experimenting LAB
Place to order a ham on rye DELI
Polish, as prose EDIT
Random guess STAB
Run a con on SCAM
Samples TRIES
Saucer in the sky, for short UFO
Server at a coffeehouse BARISTA
Shady places ARBORS
Silly prank ANTIC
Slobbers DROOLS
Snarky comment after ‘This is your big chance’ DONTBLOWIT
Some showy blossoms, informally GLADS
Spot for a flowerpot SILL
Squirrels away HOARDS
State flower of Tennessee IRIS
Steer clear of AVOID
Sweetness, sourness or bitterness TASTE
The biblical wise men, by tradition TRIO
Time in history ERA
Trippy drug LSD
Use four-letter words CUSS
Verse dedicated to someone ODE
Very off-color LEWD
Watch, as the bar TEND
Wee one TOT
___ Alto, Calif PALO

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