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New York Times – Jun 5 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Dude!’ BRO
‘Gloria in Excelsis ___’ DEO
‘Phooey!’ RATS
‘That will be ___ the set of sun’ (line from the first scene of ‘Macbeth’) ERE
Actress Garr of ‘Young Frankenstein’ TERI
Alan in the Television Hall of Fame ALDA
Alternative to ‘Woof!’ ARF
Autumn colours OCHRES
Bad looking LEERING
Bears witness (to) ATTESTS
Bendable body part KNEE
Capt. Jean-___ Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise LUC
Color akin to rouge CERISE
Colorful ocean phenomena caused by dinoflagellates REDTIDES
Composer who’s the eponym of a Helsinki park SIBELIUS
Crowd around MOB
Cut (off) LOP
Dadaism, pejoratively ANTIART
Deceptive movement FEINT
Dir. from Iceland to Ireland SSE
Distort SKEW
Dodges of the 1980s OMNIS
Earth SOIL
Edible part of a carrot or radish ROOT
Electronically advanced, informally HITECH
Expert in calculus: Abbr DDS
First game of a series OPENER
Forgoes a co-pilot SOLOS
Headliner STAR
Heat shields? BADGES
Hindu social division CASTE

Clues Answers
Impertinent sort SNOT
Island off the western coast of Scotland IONA
King Lear’s eldest daughter GONERIL
Lead-in to gender CIS
Lifeguard’s skill, for short CPR
Like some peanuts and winter roads SALTED
Lincoln in-laws TODDS
Line on a band T-shirt, maybe TOURDATE
Match the bet of SEE
Nearest target for a bowler ONEPIN
Neophyte, in modern lingo NEWB
Nonkosher lunch orders, briefly BLTS
Part of U.S.S.R.: Abbr SOV
Person handing out chocolate cigars, maybe PROUDPAPA
Person whose inner child has been released? MOTHER
Psychoanalysis topics FEARS
Rock singer? LORELEI
Sedates CALMS
Small print advertisement NOTICE
Snapped to attention, with ‘up’ PERKED
Suffix of approximation ISH
Takes too much of, for short ODSON
Teller of the future ORACLE
Third ___ (character who delivers the line in 60-Across) WITCH
Tours turndown NON
Truth tellers’ opposite LIARS
Western defense grp NATO
What a whistler whistles TUNE
World capital where Harry Houdini and Erno Rubik were born BUDAPEST
Wriggly swimmer EEL
Yacht spot MARINA