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New York Times – Jun 7 2018

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Clues Answers
‘My Dinner With ___’ (1981 film) ANDRE
‘Naughty!’ TSK
‘Ri-i-i-ight …’ ILLBET
‘So that’s what you mean’ ISEE
‘Therefore …’ ANDSO
A long time, in Mexico ANOS
Aachen article EINE
Ancient Mexican OLMEC
Anne of comedy MEARA
Annual celebration, for short BDAY
Baseball legend Yastrzemski CARL
Beauty spots SPAS
Big foot spec EEEWIDTH
Big name in chips LAYS
Bit of neckwear BIB
Bundle that might come with a bow on top GIFTSET
Bygone Ford make, informally MERC
Calvin in ‘Calvin and Hobbes,’ e.g IMP
Carbonated beverage, spelled as 33-Down might suggest? OOLEMNSDA
Carbonated beverage, spelled as 33-Down might suggest? OOJLTCLA
Carbonated beverage, spelled as 33-Down might suggest? OOCHAMPAGNECLER
Carbonated beverage, spelled as 33-Down might suggest? OOCKEZER
Colorado senator Michael BENNET
Cookie containers TINS
Dice roll, say TURN
Digs in the mud STY
Dirt in a dump truck, perhaps FILL
DVD player button EJECT
Eponymous cartoonist Guisewite CATHY
Extended family TRIBE
Fab alternative TIDE
Fan fixation IDOL
Feast that might include lomi-lomi salmon LUAU
Figures recorded in an experiment RAWDATA
Fizzy wine option ASTI
Food court regulars MALLRATS

Clues Answers
Fool, in British slang PRAT
For two voices in unison ADUE
Horrify APPALL
James who played Sonny Corleone CAAN
Knowing signs SLYWINKS
Like a happening party, in slang LIT
Like a winning play in the final seconds of overtime CLUTCH
Madison Ave. industry ADBIZ
Material in sheets MICA
Meal with storytelling SEDER
Michigan college town ALMA
Much-reshared post on social media MEME
Nascar’s Busch or Petty KYLE
Overly enthusiastic RABID
Part of a competition INIT
Plate, e.g DISK
Pro choice? YEA
Properly DULY
Remote FAR
Revolting scene RIOT
Rises, in a way BUBBLESUP
Shaving brand ATRA
Since way back when INAGES
Singer Jackson JANET
Some Italian models FIATS
Something often added to a carbonated beverage ICE
Something to feed the kitty CATTREAT
Something you can lend without having to part with EAR
Southwest skiing locale TAOS
Stale joke OLDGAG
Thin ___ MINTS
Tickle AMUSE
Troubles ILLS
What’s tall when it’s young and short when it’s old? (old riddle) WICK
Word in a Latin 101 lesson AMAT
___ board OUIJA