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New York Times – Jun 8 2018

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions РJun 8 2018 Friday

Clues Answers
___ drop MIC
___ torch TIKI
Abbr. on old Eurasian maps SSR
Annual fashion event since 1948 THEMETGALA
Anvil, hammer or stirrup OSSICLE
Athleisure wear YOGAPANTS
Baby skunk KIT
Baseball Hall-of-Famer Duke SNIDER
Brand of headphones BEATSBYDRE
Brought about OCCASIONED
Corolla part PETAL
Crushed cacao beans used to make chocolate NIBS
Daytime star SOL
Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, e.g. OLDSAW
Eponymous Dutch town EDAM
Fancy wrap STOLE
Fifth place? BOTTLE
File folder part TAB
Game in which it’s illegal to play left-handed POLO
God, in Hebrew ADONAI
Harmless BENIGN
Hats in the Highlands TAMS
Health abbr. RDA
Imprecise stats: Abbr. ESTS
James F. ___, Truman secretary of state BYRNES
Leave one’s drawers in the drawer, say GOCOMMANDO
Maintain, as standards HOLDTO
Makes curly FRIZZLES
Match up SYNC
Measure the length of again RETIME
Mozart’s “Le ___ di Figaro” NOZZE
Nails a test ACESIT
Navigation abbr. SSE
Offers a similar opinion to ECHOES
Once-standard subject no longer taught in most schools SCRIPT
One hanging around in a deli? SALAMI
One of 32 for Beethoven PIANOSONATA
One taking a survey POLLER
Participates in combat SEESACTION
Parts of an “S.N.L.” audition BITS
Play-___ DOH
Police department resources DNALABS
Posthuman race of literature ELOI
Privy to a practical joke, say INONIT
Protection: Var. EGIS
Put in the trash TOSS
Queen Elizabeth spells her name with one ZED
Romanian currency units LEI
Secret society invoked in many conspiracy theories ILLUMINATI
Seller of calorific pastries CINNABON
Sellers of buckets KFCS
Smooth IRON
Soda debut of 2005 COKEZERO
Someone who’s really too good to be competing RINGER
Something no one person can run RELAY
Something to do to a shoulder or the brakes TAPON
Stone that’s cast EMMA
Sure winner SHOOIN
Taking on a new identity, in a way TRANSGENDER
Temper tantrum outbursts WAHS
That must be the case ITISSO
To whom “Matchmaker, Matchmaker” is sung YENTE
Tough situation STRAIT
Use Venmo, say PAY
With alacrity SPEEDILY
Word usually written in brackets SIC