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New York Times – Jun 9 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Glee’ character in a wheelchair ARTIE
‘Hey!,’ to Jorge OYE
1942 Abbott and Costello comedy RIORITA
ABC or Fox, in Variety-speak NET
Account TALE
Be roommates COHABIT
Come back REOCCUR
Common French word that sounds like two letters of the alphabet ICI
Confirmation, e.g RITE
Court proceedings ACTA
Cutting comments BARBS
Descendant of Ishmael ARAB
Doc’s recommendation MED
Element in traditional medicine HERB
Exercise in economy of language TWEET
Explored before making a commitment TESTEDTHEWATERS
Feature of Wayne Manor BATPOLE
Fed decision that spurs growth INTERESTRATECUT
Final finish? IST
Gets accustomed to a transplant REROOTS
Greek consonants NUS
Haus call? ACH
Home of the first Universal Studios outside the U.S OSAKA
Loosen, in a way UNTIE
Magazine ARSENAL
Makings of a plot SEEDBED
Middle of a field of vision EYELINE
Now or long lead-in ERE
Pianist Jorge BOLET
Plate armor designed to protect the thighs TASSETS
Clues Answers
Popular author most of whose work is written in anapestic tetrameter SEUSS
Practical-minded RESULTSORIENTED
Prop for a classic magician’s trick SAW
Put mileage on USE
Race day opening event CEREMONIALSTART
Relatives of guppies PLATIES
Residents: Abbr CITS
Safari sighting ELAND
Shamelessly promoted, with ‘for’ SHILLED
Soldier, at times SALUTER
Some referee calls, for short TKOS
Something one can be knocked for ALOOP
Source of some Mideast calls MINARET
Stuff used in some nasty pranks SUPERGLUE
Subject for James Beard or Emeril Lagasse AMERICANCUISINE
Suspiciously ASKANCE
The glow of a glowworm BIOLUMINESCENCE
They may require more than one return SEPARATEINCOMES
Three-for-two, say BARGAIN
Tools for pharmacists PESTLES
Unalloyed PURE
Untouchables PARIAHS
Utmost NTH
Viking poet SKALD
West Berlin used to be one ENCLAVE
When le jardin is at its height ETE
Who said ‘The serpent deceived me, and I ate’ EVE
Windjammer’s setting SEA
Zaftig PLUMP
___ kwon do TAE
___ plane AWACS