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New York Times – June 22 2018

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions РJune 22 2018 Friday

Clues Answers
___ her in a club down in old Soho (opening lyric of “Lola”) IMET
2 Broke Girls actress Dennings KAT
Action film weapons UZIS
Actress Sedgwick in Warhol films EDIE
Ailment spreadable through kissing STREP
Algerian city where Camus’s “The Plague” is set ORAN
Behind the eight ball INAHOLE
Beyond stuffy ANAL
Big espresso purveyor since 2001 MCCAFE
Boutonniere’s spot LAPEL
Brit discussing American politics HUME
Cold-blooded sorts LIZARDS
Consomme server LADLE
Ctrl+V command PASTE
Dangled a carrot in front of TANTALIZED
Facebook calendar addition EVENT
Facebook photo addition TAG
Fall back RETREAT
Fan sound WHIR
Fantasy sports site DRAFTKINGS
Guest’s sleeping spot, maybe FUTON
Hard-core AVID
Heckled RODE
Hey, don’t look at me! IMINNOCENT
Horse ___ SENSE
Hunk GOB
King Lear’s loyal servant KENT
Lack of practice, metaphorically RUST
Lacking hormones, say ALLNATURAL
Like a society in which people are said to be colorblind POSTRACIAL
Like much of Shakespeare’s and Sappho’s love poetry HOMOEROTIC
Longest book in the New Testament LUKE
Many a role on TV’s “Suits”: Abbr. ATT
Margarita garnishes LIMES
Medal, e.g. PLACE
Not just increase SOAR
Part of CBS: Abbr. SYST
Passes, in a way LAPS
Peter or Paul, but not Mary TSAR
Pioneering photojournalist Jacob RIIS
Pirate-fighting org. RIAA
Polish-language film that won a 2014 Oscar IDA
Ready for renting TOLET
Record LOG
Senescence OLDAGE
Service with a Street View option GOOGLEMAPS
Show of hands? TIME
Sine, cosine or tangent RATIO
Some late-night viewing STARGAZING
Something ___ ELSE
Something to keep a watch on WRIST
Subject of some parental restrictions VIDEOGAMES
Suffix for the 1% AIRE
Sunday ___ BEST
Take heat from? UNARM
They can swing left or right PURPLESTATES
They’re of little use unless they’re cracked EGGS
Tough going SLOG
Trademarked repellent DEET
TV character with a rippled snout ALF
Veal or chicken dish, for short PARM
What Christine is in the book “Christine” CAR
What drivers try not to go over PAR
Wiped out ATEIT
Wood used to make electric guitars ALDER
Writer on the history of Rome LIVY