New York Times – Mar 10 2018

 New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 10 2018 

Clues Answers
Arrangements of teeth? GEARTRAINS
Aunt of a 1979 best seller ERMA
Babysit TEND
Bonnie of “Parenthood” BEDELIA
Breath-taking experience SLEEPAPNEA
Bugged GOTTO
By ___! JOVE
Bygone skating spectacle ICECAPADES
Canine command SIC, BEG
Changes keys? ISLANDHOPS
Common airport kiosk gadgets ADAPTERS
Common material in tutus TULLE
Cooler CAN
Couldn’t say “say,” say HADALISP
Cream ROUT
Decided SET
Dr. Lester portrayer in “Being John Malkovich” ORSONBEAN
For all to see RATEDG
Gathering clouds and others OMENS
Giveaways TELLS
Glued to something RAPT
Goes out in the rain GETSWET
Goggle GAPE
Grace Before Meat essayist ELIA
Hacking targets, for short SSNS
He wrote “It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure” DESADE
Iago vis-a-vis Jafar, in “Aladdin” PETBIRD
In rhythm CADENCED
Island dish POI
Jeannie Out of the Bottle memoirist BARBARAEDEN
Like some bad pitches, in baseball lingo HIGHANDAWAY
Line at a food stand? ANTS
Mac alternative BUB
Modern test subject DNA
Noah and Wallace of old films BEERYS
Occasion for a piñata FIESTA
Office building, equipment, etc. FIXEDASSETS
One of the 12 tribes of Israel JUDAH
Ones prepared to drop a few bucks? HUNTERS
Opposite of downs SIPS
Org. concerned with cracking and leaking NSA
Ortiz of “Devious Maids” ANA
Pilot control? GASTAP
Poker site FIREPLACE
Provided new hands REDEALT
Quaint retort TISNT
Rambo, e.g. ONEMANARMY
Ravel work in which the melody is passed among the instruments BOLERO
Ride around the block, say GOFORASPIN
Shade of gray STEEL
Sluggers BIGBATS
Snow ___ PEA
Spot for a stud PIERCEDEAR
Successful Olympic bidder HOSTCITY
Tanning salon fixture UVLAMP
Took in ATE
Virtually every coin DISC
Warner Bros. cartoon series of the 1990s ANIMANIACS
Weird … ITSODD
What “e” may signify ONLINE
What a surprise to see you here! OHHI
Yoga command EXHALE

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