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New York Times – Mar 12 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Allow me’ ICANHELP
‘Heavens to Betsy!’ EGAD
‘I am, you ___, he is’ ARE
‘Star Wars Episode IV’ subtitle ANEWHOPE
‘Two mints in one’ sloganeer CERTS
‘When it’s ___’ (answer to an old riddle) AJAR
‘___ TĂș’ (1974 song) ERES
*Black face card whose face is seen in profile JACKOFSPADES
*Comic character on a gum wrapper BAZOOKAJOE
*Monster outsmarted by Odysseus POLYPHEMUS
*Rat Pack member who sang and danced SAMMYDAVISJR
Actor Morales of ‘La Bamba’ ESAI
Aerosol spray MIST
Amounts in a hypodermic needle DOSES
Ancient Greek market AGORA
Architect Saarinen EERO
Biter of Cleopatra ASP
Blood-related HEMAL
Blow, as a volcano ERUPT
Blow, as from a volcano SPEW
Boyfriend BEAU
Brief moments, briefly SECS
Bygone times YORE
Cancel at Cape Canaveral ABORT
Classic paintings OILS
Complain querulously CARP
Dawn, to Donne MORN
Drivers doing 90, say SPEEDERS
February has the fewest of them DAYS
Folk legend Pete SEEGER
Former Israeli P.M. Yitzhak RABIN
Frighten SCARE
Handled, as a task SAWTO
Harvest REAP
Hawaiian goose NENE
Hero who’s neither a bird nor a plane SUPERMAN
Highly off-putting ICKY
Clues Answers
Indian queen RANI
Indy or Daytona RACEWAY
Left page in a book VERSO
Lessen ABATE
Like clothes in the hamper DIRTY
Nolo contendere, e.g PLEA
Parisian mother MERE
Part of a list with bullets ITEM
Parts missing from the Venus de Milo ARMS
Parts with irises UVEAS
Pilgrim to Mecca HADJI
Prop for Sherlock Holmes PIPE
Saint known for translating the Bible into Latin JEROME
Satanic EVIL
See 39-Across EYE
Servant in ‘Young Frankenstein’ IGOR
Shakespeare’s stream AVON
Spanish king REY
Sport originally part of a Shinto ritual SUMO
Spread, as people in a search party FANOUT
Squished circle OVAL
Stallion’s mate MARE
Start of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ OSAY
Steinem who co-founded Ms. magazine GLORIA
Swimmers’ units LAPS
Tack on APPEND
Ten: Prefix DECA
The Colonel’s restaurant KFC
The Lone Ranger’s Silver and others STEEDS
Things learned in ‘The Alphabet Song’ ABCS
Tin lizzies MODELTS
Toilet paper layers, e.g PLIES
Two-time Oscar-nominated actress Lanchester ELSA
What hairy dogs do in the spring SHED
What two fives are change for ATEN
With 32-Across, what the answers to the starred clues each have ONE
With mouth wide open AGAPE