New York Times – Mar 14 2018

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 14 2018 

Clues Answers
___ we there yet? ARE
123-45-6789, on a sample doc. SSN
A cappella genre BARBERSHOP
All right, you win OKFINE diagram TREE
Be all googly-eyed over ADORE
Breakfast order often containing cinnamon HOTOATMEAL
Brewski SUDS
C major, for one KEY
CBS series that starred Gary Sinise CSINY
Chain whose mascot is named Bullseye TARGET
Choir attire ROBES
Colloquial contraction AINT
Cross-dressing role for Streisand YENTL
Dude BRO
E.R.A.-backing grp. NOW
Early maker of color TVs RCA
Fanzine favorite IDOL
First in a line of 23 popes JOHNI
French possessive SES
Friends character ___ Geller ROSS
Game show regular ___ Bean ORSON
Garden hose annoyance KNOT
German state with Wiesbaden HESSE
Hell if I know GOTME
Hieroglyphics snakes ASPS
Icelandic money KRONA
Impervious to hackers SECURE
Impossible Super Bowl outcome TIE
In itself PERSE
Indian-born character on “The Big Bang Theory” RAJ
Indoor stadium surface ARTIFICIALGRASS
Jenner of reality TV KRIS
Jennings who wrote “Brainiac” KEN
Kapow! WHAM
Keach of TV’s “Man With a Plan” STACY
Kutcher who played Steve Jobs in “Jobs” ASHTON
Less common of two belly buttons OUTIE
Like a cardigan KNIT
Like a cigar bar’s atmosphere SMOKY
Locker room emanation ODOR
Made a cattle call MOOED
Major water line MAIN
Mr. ___ (1983 Styx hit) ROBOTO
My darling, in France MONCHERI
One of Jason’s crew ARGONAUT
Org. with millimeter wave scanners TSA
Pertaining to the rhythm of speech PROSODIC
Pioneering text adventure game ZORK
Plays a kazoo HUMS
Plop down SIT
Pres. advisory group NSC
Preyers on antelopes LEOPARDS
Put into play USE
Rakes in the dough MAKESBANK
Recipe meas. TSP
Request by someone with a tongue depressor SAYAH
Result of a successful squeeze bunt, for short RBI
Rock band fronted by Steven Tyler AEROSMITH
Sauce made from ingredients mixed up in 16-, 24-, 37- and 49-Across MARINARA
Simpleton, disparagingly CRETIN
Source of bark for canoes BIRCH
Spa amenity that originated in Finland SAUNA
Stereotypically “blind” official, for short UMP
Storytelling uncle of fiction REMUS
Submachine gun designer ___ Gal UZI
Su-u-u-ure it is IBET
Symmetrical images in psychological tests INKBLOTS
Take dead aim at ZEROINON
U Can’t Touch This rapper MCHAMMER
Whisker whacker RAZOR
Words akin to “-ish” ORSO
Words to live by CREDO

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