New York Times – Mar 16 2018

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 16 2018 Friday 

Clues Answers
2017 recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom BIDEN
Accelerator particles MESONS
Actor Cronyn HUME
Asics competitor AVIA
Attends to some personal care FRESHENSUP
Big Bird attended his memorial HENSON
Billy the Kid, for one ALIAS
Boarding pass info, for short ETD
Bug expert? SPY
Calm down, ace EASY
Captivate ENGAGE
Carriage MIEN
Celestial beast URSA
Character in “Camelot” and “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” KINGARTHUR
Cheese made from goat’s milk CHEVRE
Commercial pitch PLUG
Cousin of a corset GIRDLE
Durango direction ESTE
eHarmony info TYPE
Everyone included, after “to” AMAN
Fictional queen of Arendelle ELSA
Force-ful one? JEDI
Full of ups and downs HILLY
Genetic disorder carried by Queen Victoria HEMOPHILIA
Hepatologist’s study LIVER
Indication of pain or pleasure MOAN
It gets you from station to station TUNER
It has views of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea HILO
Just like that! BAM
Kind of speculation IDLE
Largest moon of Pluto CHARON
Look like SEEM
Make a bed? GARDEN
Marathoner’s focus TIME
Media-friendly audio clips SOUNDBITES
Memphis blues street BEALE
Menu heading VEGETARIAN
Mitchum rival ARRID
Mozart title HERR
Murky DIM
Narc’s concern HEROIN
Not as bright FADED
Parent REAR
Parisian being ETRE
Partner of 5-Across FREE
Port authority? WINEMAKER
Pot component CHIP
Press conference sights MIKES
Product introduced in 1984 with an ad titled “1984” MACINTOSH
Pulitzer winner for “Sunday in the Park With George” SONDHEIM
Puts the pedal to the metal FLOORSIT
Regardless … INANYEVENT
Restaurant cook on TV’s “2 Broke Girls” OLEG
Revealing BARING
Saved KEPT
School card CLASSCLOWN
Silent sort CLAM
Something’s not right here … ISMELLARAT
Sore spot ULCER
Successor to Paar’s successor LENO
Talked too much NATTERED
The Weeping Prophet JEREMIAH
Three-ingredient sandwich BLT
Where you might hear someone say “Duck!” POND
Words of consolation THERETHERE
Worn out EFFETE
Yard sale caveat ASIS
You rang? YES

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