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New York Times – Mar 17 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Ad majorem ___ gloriam’ (motto of the Jesuits) DEI
1992 hit for k. d. lang CONSTANTCRAVING
Abbr. in an office address STE
Another name for an ear shell ABALONE
Back AGO
Band selection CHANNEL
Big Caribbean exports RUMS
Changed course quickly, at sea SHEERED
Chit in a pot IOU
Christmas bowlful NOG
Conforms (to) ADHERES
Court order ALLRISE
De : French :: ___ : German VON
Depot’s terminus? SILENTT
Dodgers Hall-of-Famer whose #1 has been retired REESE
Downtime LEISURE
Dwellers on the North Sea DANES
Edits, as text REWORDS
Edward Fairfax ___, ‘Billy Budd’ captain VERE
Edwin with the 1970 #1 hit ‘War’ STARR
Epitome of completeness DOTTEDI
Exclaimed CRIED
Heartfelt EARNEST
Heavy-handed administrations REGIMES
Ignore the alarm, say SLEEPIN
In a bit LATERON
Inundate OVERRUN
It’s an honor ODE
Jazz genre BEBOP
Keeper of logs? ANDIRON
Little sweater? PORE
Lock component TUMBLER
Man’s nickname in a metropolitan orchestra? PHIL
Clues Answers
Massenet opera LECID
Member of the family, for short SIS
Merchant with tiny shopping carts ETAILER
Mideast diet KNESSET
Nutrition science DIETETICS
Obtained (from) DERIVED
Official on a Segway, maybe MALLCOP
One role for a helicopter MEDEVAC
Parsons of old Hollywood gossip LOUELLA
Persuaded one CONVERT
Petrol measure LITRE
Philosopher Kierkegaard SOREN
Playground declaration NOTIT
Puppet PAWN
Radio format for Radiohead ALTERNATIVEROCK
Reason to refuse an invitation PRIORENGAGEMENT
Reddish orange TANGERINE
Role for Liz in ’63 CLEO
Rotating part of a tape recorder CAPSTAN
See, in Tijuana VER
Sickos PERVS
Simultaneously ATONEGO
Single-masted boat SLOOP
Subj. of the 2003 book ‘The Meaning of Everything’ OED
Those prone to recidivism CAREERCRIMINALS
Trattoria dessert TORTONI
Web portal with a Bing search bar MSN
When el Día de los Reyes is celebrated ENERO
Where drones return AIRBASE
White House nickname ABE
Word with organ or cleaner PIPE
___ Belbenoît, noted escapee from Devil’s Island RENE