New York Times – Mar 18 2018

Clues Answers
‘As you wish, Captain!’ AYESIR
‘From your lips to God’s ears’ HOPESO
‘Look Who’s Talking Too’ and ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’: Abbr SEQS
‘Sticks and Bones’ playwright David RABE
‘There are no atheists in foxholes’? TRENCHQUOTE
‘We ___ the Champions’ ARE
‘Who’s interested?’ ANYONE
‘___, sing America’ (start of a Langston Hughes poem) ITOO
1979 exile SHAH
A.C.C. powerhouse UNC
Abbr. that’s sometimes doubled or tripled ETC
Accumulation ACCRUAL
Addressee of a waiter in a French restaurant MADAME
Animal with a trunk TAPIR
Atonement PENANCE
Attys.’ titles ESQS
Bagel variety ONION
Basic French question QUOI
Big name in computer networking CISCO
Bishop’s group, once RATPACK
Bone: Prefix OSSEO
British sports automobile MCLAREN
Catherine’s husband in ‘Wuthering Heights’ EDGAR
Change the color of again REDYE
Charles de Gaulle’s birthplace LILLE
Comment by a Brit down to his last coin? HERESLOOKINGATYOUQUID
Cries of surprise AHAS
Curl one’s lip SNEER
Dancer Duncan ISADORA
Email address ending ORG
Ending of the Bible ETH
Engaged in UPTO
English county ESSEX
Expert ADEPT
Exposes BARES
F.D.R. job-creating prog WPA
Frequent subject of paintings by Winslow Homer SEA
Gardner of ‘Mogambo’ AVA
Gone to great lengths STRIVEN
Greek cross TAU
Hard-shell clams QUAHOGS
Have a little ice cream delivered? ORDERINTHEQUART
Heinrich ___, ‘Die Lorelei’ poet HEINE
Hershey brand ROLO
Huck Finn possessive HISN
Indochinese language LAO
Informal sleep option FUTON
Instruments played on Mount Olympus LYRES
Interest’s opposite APATHY
Interrogate a founding father? QUERYWASHINGTON
Iraq War danger, for short IED
Irish form of ‘Edmund’ EAMONN
It’ll take you for a ride UBER
Joe of ‘Home Alone’ PESCI
Judas’s question to the Lord ISITI
Kept others awake, maybe SNORED
Kind of harp AEOLIAN
Kind of leap QUANTUM
Kingdom in Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ ROHAN
Largest lake in South America MARACAIBO
Like freelance work, often ONSPEC
Like rope TWINY
Like the first man-made space satellite SOVIET
Man’s name that comes from an English noble ERLE
Mark the beginning of USHERIN
Medieval weapon BROADAX
Members of an Oklahoma tribe SHAWNEES
Metallic S-shaped piece POTHOOK
Clues Answers
Middling mark CEE
Mimic’s activity APERY
Monarch who’s fine and dandy? PEACHYQUEEN
More sound SANER
More than a millennium AEON
More trendy HIPPER
N.W.A’s ‘Straight ___ Compton’ OUTTA
Navy petty officer: Abbr YEO
Nordstrom rival SAKS
North Dakota-to-Michigan hwy USTEN
Not so common RARER
Nuisance ANNOYER
Number for two DUET
One getting shooed PEST
One knocking out an opponent in the first round? QUICKBOXER
One of 100: Abbr SEN
Ones moving with the aid of pseudopods AMOEBAE
People: Prefix ETHNO
Picasso and Braque, for two CUBISTS
Pope who excommunicated Elizabeth I PIUSV
Prefix with -graphic IDEO
Presidential inits RWR
Progressive rival ESURANCE
Publisher Arthur ___ Sulzberger OCHS
Response to an oversharer TMI
Rumpus ADO
Russian council DUMA
Seamstresses, at times MENDERS
Sentient ones BEINGS
Ser : Spanish :: ___ : French ETRE
Sheik’s land, for short UAE
Some gametes OVA
Some summer wear TEES
Song woman who’s asked ‘Darlin’, won’t you ease my worried mind?’ LAYLA
Spanish snack TAPA
Stops yapping SHUTSUP
Strong bond? AAA
Subject of the mnemonic ‘Men Very Easily Make Jugs Serve Useful Needs’ PLANETS
Suffix in Sussex ISE
Suffix with trick ERY
Supermodel B√ľndchen GISELE
Suspend HANG
Taj ___ MAHAL
Teeming RIFE
Term for a hole in Swiss cheese EYE
Terminate CEASE
The so-called ‘Flying Kangaroo’ QANTAS
They’re added on bus. lines EXTS
Things with colons inside them URLS
Tip of a missile NOSECONE
Token in the game Life CAR
Trophy alternative PLAQUE
TV’s ‘Growing Up ___’ GOTTI
Uganda’s Amin IDI
Unappreciative sort INGRATE
Unsatisfying answer to ‘Why?’ ISAIDSO
Update, say NEWS
Veg out LOLL
Was a rat SANG
Was wide open GAPED
Western wear BOLOTIE
What the earth and many political analysts do SPIN
With celerity APACE
With vehemence HOTLY
Word aptly found in ‘controlled’ and ‘marshaled’ LED
Words of resignation CESTLAVIE
Words that can’t be heard, for short ASL
___ Indianapolis USS

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