New York Times – Mar 2 2018

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions РMar 2 2018

___ grano salis CUM
___ peas WASABI
1928 Winter Olympics site STMORITZ
1965 Michael Caine spy thriller, with “The” IPCRESSFILE
Abbr. in an auction catalog EST
Actor with seven Primetime Emmys ASNER
Basics ABCS
Behind, at sea AFT
Big mean on campus GPA
Car model originally called the Sunny in Japan SENTRA
Cellphone component DIODE
Cocktail with rye whiskey SAZERAC
Deride KNOCK
Did a bit of cleaning TIDIEDUP
Dives with a tank SCUBAS
Do some programming CODE
Doctor Faustus novelist MANN
Elate SEND
Eureka! AHA
Fixed SET
Footwear brand since 1978 UGG
Furthermore AND
Gambling card game FARO
Give it to me straight BEHONEST
Go pirating MARAUD
Got back (to), in a way RSVPED
Greek cheese FETA
Hard ___ ATIT
Hollywood agent Michael OVITZ
Home of Sen. Mike Crapo: Abbr. IDA
Home to Lake Waiau MAUNAKEA
Hosp. units RMS
Jacket letters ISBN
Journalist’s tool since ’67 FOIAREQUEST
Just doin’ my job ITRY
Keeper of the flame? WICK
Kentucky’s northernmost county BOONE
Kind of flour OAT
Kiss my grits! BITEME
Like baking dough YEASTY
Marks on shoes SCUFFS
Mil. address APO
Military gathering? INTEL
More than half of scores DOZENS
Only daughter of Joseph Stalin SVETLANA
Op-ed, e.g. ESSAY
Part of an oven TIMER
Political leader? FRONTRUNNER
Pope when Elizabeth I took the throne PAULIV
Programming manager’s specialty SLOTTING
Quarry of cartoondom’s Gargamel SMURF
Ralph Nader’s American Museum of ___ Law TORT
Rosina Almaviva, in “Le Nozze di Figaro” CONTESSA
Sean Hannity and Chris Hayes TVHOSTS
Similar (to) AKIN
Sister NUN
Stud of the sports world? CLEAT
Tallow source SUET
Tennis player, to sportswriters NETTER
The Midwest or the South REGION
Those who’ve seen both Europe and Asia, say ROCKFANS
Typeface that shares its name with the Roman goddess of luck FORTUNA
Uhhh … ERM
Unless it’s impossible IFYOUCAN
Virus in 2003 news SARS
W.W. I battle locale ARGONNE
Walked over TROD
What might help a hacker go undetected? COUGHBUTTON
Who said “Take it from me, every vote counts” ALGORE
You’re not in it if you’re out CLOSET

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