New York Times – Mar 21 2018

Clues Answers
‘Black-ish’ network ABC
‘Experience what’s inside’ sloganeer INTEL
‘Hawaii ___’ FIVEO
‘Highway to Hell’ band ACDC
‘The Greatest’ daughter? LAILA
‘Wailing’ instrument SAX
‘___ Blues’ (Neil Simon play) BILOXI
Annual math celebration PIDAY
Appropriate rhyme for ‘cram’ EXAM
AT&T Park team GIANTS
Baseball family name ALOU
Become one MERGE
Big Swiss chocolatier LINDT
Boob tube IDIOTBOX
Checked off XED
Circus animals enjoying some chocolate? SEALSWITHAKISS
Combo office accessories DESKSETS
Common mixer SODA
Confound BAFFLE
Crowdsourced review site YELP
Crown inlays GEMS
Et ___ (and others) ALII
Fig. in annual reports CEO
Forest moon of the Ewoks ENDOR
Frozen waffle brand EGGO
Give off EMIT
His last words were ‘The rest is silence’ HAMLET
Home turf HOOD
In front AHEAD
In good shape HALE
Lawn game BOCCE
Lead-in to long ERE
Leaves EXITS
Many a single-gear bicycle FIXIE
Marathon marking MILE
N.L.’er wearing blue and orange NYMET
Not-so-intimidating sort of test TAKEHOME
Clues Answers
Novelist George ELIOT
Physicist Enrico FERMI
Places for Neanderthals CAVES
Prankster IMP
Put away STOW
Put-down that nowadays may be worn as a badge of honor NERD
Reason a cow swatted herself? FLIESINTHEFACE
Reason for a parental reprimand SASS
Relative of a zither HARP
Rome’s ___ Fountain TREVI
Setting for 19-Across OAHU
Shouts, as an order BARKS
Sitarist Shankar RAVI
Skating leaps AXELS
Spoiled BAD
Stadium cheer OLE
Suffix with project ILE
Tel ___ AVIV
Tenderhearted KIND
The ‘she’ in the lyric ‘She’s a good old worker and a good old pal’ SAL
The end OMEGA
Traveler’s convenience RESTSTOP
Units of firewood CORDS
Unsettling dream, maybe OMEN
Wedding dress shade ECRU
Where a person in charge is making the rounds? BAR
Who was instructed to ‘Beam me up’ on old TV SCOTTY
Who’s doing this crossword YOU
Whose conversation might be about shaggy hair and Himalayan peaks? YAKSONTHEPHONE
Why the hunter couldn’t shoot the mallards? DUCKSOUTOFVIEW
Wilson of ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ OWEN
Word with high or hole KNEE
Words of tribute ODE
___ Gatos, Calif LOS
___ Lingus AER
___-garde AVANT

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