New York Times – Mar 22 2018

Clues Answers
‘I Am Not Spock’ memoirist … who then wrote ‘I Am Spock’ 20 years later NIMOY
‘It’s a possibility for me’ IMAY
‘Lucia di Lammermoor’ baritone ENRICO
‘You tell it, preacher!’ AMENAMEN
‘___ crazy?’ AMI
A walk is not counted as one ATBAT
Actor Billy ___ Williams DEE
Aid for a search-and-rescue team FLARE
Athlete posthumously awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom ASHE
Big 12 college town AMES
Blue Devils’ grp ACC
Boy king on ‘Game of Thrones’ JOFFREY
Certain potatoes IDAHOS
Cheddar MOOLA
Dutch financial giant ING
Elation GLEE
Employ USE
Exxon Valdez, e.g TANKER
Falling-out RIFT
Final full month before été begins MAI
Geronimo’s people APACHE
Gets going REVSUP
Happy hour order BEER
Hard-to-hit pitches HIGHCS
Indian prince RAJA
Jim’s wife on ‘The Office’ PAM
Kind of committee ADHOC
Kind of dish PETRI
La-Z-Boy offering RECLINER
Lake tribe ERIE
Little irritant GNAT
Local, in a news article AREAMAN
Mann of pop AIMEE
Master of the cartoon dog McBarker MAGOO
Clues Answers
Not just a THE
Not much, as of lotion ADAB
Not quite right ODD
One with a lot of followers? MOTHERDUCK
One with a lot of likes? VALLEYGIRL
One with a lot of posts? FENCEMENDER
One with a lot of shares? MAJORITYOWNER
One with a lot of tweets? ROCKINROBIN
One with something on WEARER
Org. established during Nixon’s presidency EPA
Poker table declaration IRAISE
Prompter or printer lead-in TELE
Put up ERECT
Relative of ‘exempli gratia’ IDEST
Round after the Elite Eight SEMIS
Salad green CRESS
Salmon cut FILLET
Some words from an admirer ODE
Stock-still IMMOBILE
Techno is a subgenre of it, for short EDM
Thyme piece? SILENTH
Times when you might have trouble sleeping EVES
Unused IDLE
Urges YENS
Was physically intimate MADELOVE
Weekly reading for drs JAMA
What ‘/’ might signify PER
Where ‘Tosca’ is set ROME
Wifey, with ‘the’ MRS
WikiLeaks founder ASSANGE
Yukons and Envoys GMCS
___ big YEA
___ Lama DALAI
___ Nair, ‘Mississippi Masala’ director MIRA
___ sauce (sushi condiment) EEL

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