New York Times – Mar 25 2018

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 25 2018 Sunday 

Clues Answers
___ soon? TOO
1/100 of a 43-Across ORE
180s UEYS
2015 hit spinoff of “Despicable Me” MINIONS
Abbr. on mil. mail APO
All ___ THUMBS
Ancient, undeciphered writing system LINEARA
Anthropomorphic king of Celesteville BABAR
Artistic, chatty sorts, it’s said GEMINIS
Assented SAIDYES
Better now ENHANCED
Big ___ (the drug industry) PHARMA
Bit of art pottery URN
Biter FANG
Branch of Islam SUNNI
Cable news host Melber ARI
Candy brand owned by Hershey REESES
Catastrophic event that can be caused by a gigantic earthquake MEGATSUNAMI
Cherry variety BING
Chipotle choice BURRITO
College, to a Brit UNI
Contest once hosted by Bob Barker MISSUSA
Crank (up) REV
Dangerous toy BBGUN
Decisive assessment ACIDTEST
Deft touch FINESSE
Drunkard ROUNDER
E.M.T.’s training CPR
End of a George Washington address? EDU
Fer sher DEF
Folds, as a business GOESUNDER
French painter of ballerinas DEGAS
Funny ODD
Gchats, e.g. IMS
Go back on one’s word? DELETE
Government policy chief CZAR
Grand Lodge group ELKS
Grp. of connected computers LAN
Hannah who coined the phrase “the banality of evil” ARENDT
Headed for ENROUTETO
Headstone inits. RIP
Herculean act FEAT
Hollywood labor groups ACTORSUNIONS
How Hercule Poirot likes to address Hastings MONAMI
How someone in awe might describe himself MONKEYSUNCLE
Hue lighter than lime TEAGREEN
I got the check ITSONME
If you’re lucky ATBEST
Immigrants’ class, for short ESL
In a light manner AIRILY
Info for a chauffeur, perhaps ETA
Informal assent YEH
Injunction BAN
International conglomerate whose name means “three stars” SAMSUNG
Intl. Rescue Committee, e.g. NGO
It’s a deal! DONE
It’s a long story YARN
Its hub at J.F.K. was designed by Eero Saarinen TWA
Keep movin’! GIT
Largest city in the Baltics RIGA
Legal vowelless Scrabble play NTH
Let’s keep this between us DONTTELL
Like St. Augustine, among all U.S. cities OLDEST
Makes reference (to) ALLUDES
Mamma Mia! setting GREECE
Manhattan part … or a suburb near Manhattan RYE
Medieval Spanish kingdom ARAGON
Moment of liftoff TMINUSZERO
Money in Malmo KRONA
Nitwit DOLT
Not empirical APRIORI
Not natural-looking POSED
Not taken seriously? UNWED
Occupied INUSE
One of the Big Four accounting firms KPMG
Ones in rocking chairs, stereotypically GRANNIES
Onetime co-host of “The View,” informally ROSIE
Only words on the front of the Great Seal of the United States EPLURIBUSUNUM
Outbreaks SPATES
Outlay that cannot be recovered SUNKCOST
Paranoid sorts, in slang TINHATS
Per ___ (yearly) ANNUM
Placeholder letters TBA
Planets like ours, in sci-fi EARTHS
Plant stalk PEDUNCLE
Popular gaming console that sounds like two pronouns WIIU
Preface to a heart-to-heart conversation REALTALK
Pretty cool, in slang DOPE
Print ad come-on ASSEENONTV
Pushes back POSTPONES
Qtrly. check recipient, maybe IRS
R&B singer with the hits “So Sick” and “Mad” NEYO
Rakes in EARNS
Ready … or red, maybe RIPE
Really fresh RUDE
Relatives of asters TANSIES
Response to a surprising claim YOUDO
Response to pointing out a resemblance between two people ISEEIT
Riddle-me-___ REE
Rios, e.g. KIAS
Rough shelter LEANTO
Sac fly result RBI
Safer alternative to paintball NERFWAR
Salt-N-Pepa and Ben Folds Five TRIOS
Same here ASAMI
See 71-Down PLAYS
Sit on the throne REIGN
Smartphone feature CAMERA
Smear TAR
Some A.L. players DHS
Some corsage wearers PROMDATES
Sometimes hard-to-find shirt opening ARMHOLE
Speed along ZOOM
Sport last played in the Olympics in 1936 POLO
Stars above! DEARME
Start to many bumper stickers IHEART
Still ___ (Julianne Moore film) ALICE
Stunt at the end of a powerful performance MICDROP
Tempe sch. ASU
Testify SWEAR
That’s something ___! ELSE
Things in restaurant windows MENUS
Tiniest change DIME
Tony who won a Tony for “Angels in America” KUSHNER
Towel fabric TERRY
Trivia fodder FACTS
Vintage film channel TCM
Was awesome RULED
Wasn’t kidding about MEANT
With 59-Across, some works of Tennessee Williams ONEACT
Word before and after “no” SIR
Writing in a window? EMAILING
Yahoo alternative MSN
Yuck! FEH

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