New York Times – Mar 26 2018

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions РMar 26 2018 Monday

Clues Answers
___ acid (protein component) AMINO
___ the Force, Luke USE
2Without ice, at the bar NEAT
Abbr. on toothpaste tubes ADA
About, at the start of a memo INRE
Bee ___ (“Night Fever” group) GEES
Bell-ringing cosmetics company AVON
Body of work OEUVRE
Bro’s sibling SIS
Caribou kin ELK
Cash alternative CREDIT
Classic Debussy work that translates as “Light of the Moon” CLAIRDELUNE
Common last option on a questionnaire OTHER
Corporate boss, briefly CEO
Crow’s call CAW
Cuban currency PESO
Detonation producer, for short TNT
Director of “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Doctor Zhivago” DAVIDLEAN
Does 50 in a school zone, say SPEEDS
Does in, in mob slang OFFS
Dogs, cats and gerbils PETS
Droplet of sweat BEAD
Field measurement ACRE
Fiendish EVIL
Finish a drive? PAVE
Finnish bath SAUNA
Follow one’s political group TOETHEPARTYLINE
Helping hand for a low-income entrepreneur MICROLOAN
I have a dream orator, for short MLK
Investigator, in old film noir TEC
Keep climbing sloganeer DELTA
Lightly apply DAB
Like a good surgeon’s hands STEADY
Like Easter eggs DYED
Loosen, as shoelaces UNTIE
Max’s opposite MIN
Military forays SORTIES
Name shared by two of Henry VIII’s wives ANNE
Neighbor of Ben & Jerry’s in the freezer section EDYS
Nimble AGILE
One of 200 in the Indy 500 LAP
One-third of a hat trick GOAL
Ooky TV family name ADDAMS
Org. featured in 2015’s “Concussion” THENFL
Pester no end NAG
Popularizer of the Chinese tunic suit MAO
Puts two and two together, say ADDS
Renaissance stringed instrument LUTE
Salem or Marlboro, slangily CIG
Same here! IDOTOO
Sassy PERT
Sawed logs SNORED
Seattle Sounders’ org. MLS
Shipment to a smeltery ORE
Shot two under par on EAGLED
Site of a postrace celebration VICTORYLANE
Snarling dog CUR
Snatch defeat from the jaws of victory CHOKE
Snoopy’s comic strip PEANUTS
Still in the shrink-wrap : NEW
Syllabus section UNIT
Tallest active volcano in Europe ETNA
The Time Machine race ELOI
Things spelunkers explore ROCKCAVES
Throw ___ From the Train (1987 Danny DeVito comedy) MOMMA
Tolkien language ELVISH
Turtle in a Dr. Seuss title YERTLE
Voting or jury service, e.g. CIVICDUTY
Went first LED
What the number of birthday candles represents AGE
Where the Renaissance began ITALY
Wood nymphs, in myth DRYADS
Yank (on) TUG
Yes, captain! AYE
Zig or zag VEER

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