New York Times – Mar 27 2018

Clues Answers
___ a one NARY
___-X GEN
A fleur-de-lis is a stylized one LILY
Actress Anderson PAMELA
Alley sounds MEOWS
Alternative to National or Enterprise ALAMO
Ancient civilization around Susa ELAM
Baby sitter? LAP
Baltic city where Baryshnikov was born RIGA
Belted one out of this world? ORION
Black-___ (ABC sitcom) ISH
Blow into Maine on ___! AUGUSTAWIND
Breastbones STERNUMS
Citizen of a theocratic republic IRANIAN
Conscript DRAFTEE
Drawn straw, say LOT
Each PER
Explore Alaska! It’s ___! MORETHANJUNEAU
Family Ties mom ELYSE
Fellows CHAPS
Fijian-born golf Hall-of-Famer VIJAYSINGH
Finally hit the books CRAM
Fixer at a horse race? VET
Gardener, often HOER
Green party honoree, briefly? STPAT
Harmonizers with soprani and bassi ALTI
Hoarfrost RIME
Housing that’s often empty in the summer DORM
I was afraid to ski, but in New Hampshire I ___! CONCORDMYFEARS
Implied TACIT
In a mischievous manner ARCHLY
Isaac’s firstborn ESAU
It goes before beauty, in a saying AGE
John LAV
Key with three sharps: Abbr. AMAJ
Kind of fixation ORAL
Kuala Lumpur’s home MALAYSIA
Launched, as a missile SHOTOFF
Leader in a turban RAJAH
Less risque TAMER
Like ALA
Luxury handbag maker PRADA
Luxury S.U.V. import RANGEROVER
Magpie relativ JAY
Mystic in a turban SWAMI
Nearly closed AJAR
Northern archipelago dweller ALEUT
Other side ENEMY
Parts of barrios CASAS
Pola ___ of the silents NEGRI
Possessive in the Ten Commandments THY
Protection for a shark diver CAGE
Put on guard WARN
Red-jacketed cheeses EDAMS
River to Hades STYX
Section of the brain MEDULLA
Shipped SENT
Shroud of ___ TURIN
Some upscale chain hotels OMNIS
Southend-on-Sea’s county ESSEX
Taught privately TUTORED
The best, in slang ACES
Treat with one’s choice of syrup SNOCONE
What a janitor does CLEANS
What drones collect INTEL
What waiting for overdue results can be AGONY
Wine server CARAFE
Within: Prefix ENTO
Writers and photographers will find Michigan a great place for ___! FREELANSING
Xbox space-war franchise HALO

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