New York Times – Mar 29 2018

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 29 2018 Thursday 

Clues Answers
… just for example TONAMEAFEW
___ lion (mythical hunter) NEMEAN
___ manual USERS
___ monster GILA
___ place ONES
A who-o-o-ole bunch of LOTSA
An end to terrorism? QAEDA
Andre Young a.k.a. Dr. ___ DRE
Apple platform IOS
Breakfast item in a box EGGO
Bust, maybe ART
Complete blocks EMBARGOES
Concern for a bouncer BARFIGHT
Cut protections SCABS
Dash letters MPH
Departed WENT
Descendant of the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company RCA
Diving position PIKE
Driving instructor? GOLFPRO
Drug ___ CZAR
Eat ___ Chikin (Chick-Fil-A slogan) MOR
Endangerment PERIL
Facebook Messenger precursor ICHAT
Fell for the joke BIT
French astronomer/mathematician who wrote “Traite de Mecanique Celeste” LAPLACE
Gently acclimate EASEIN
Get drunk quickly, in a way DOSHOTS
Hatcher on TV TERI
Haul aboard LADE
Homer, for one BARD
Intuit SEE
It begins “Now in the first year of Cyrus king of Persia …” EZRA
It’s longer for women than it is for men LIFEEXPECTANCY
It’s triangle-shaped DELTA
J’adore perfume maker DIOR
Jambalaya ingredient, at times OKRA
Kind of ray MANTA
Laborious tasks SLOGS
Law with bldg. requirements ADA
Letters on a beach bottle SPF
Light deli offering LEANCORNEDBEEF
Like good spellers? WICCAN
Like the Taj Mahal ORNATE
Maximally wily SLYEST
Menace in “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” GIANTSQUID
Modus operandi HOW
Mystery! network PBS
One with serious acne, pejoratively PIZZAFACE
Org. that might put on a school carnival PTA
Patron of the high seas STELMO
Pixar film set in 2805 WALLE
Place for a stream GLEN
Powdered ingredient in sweet teas and smoothies TARO
Prefix with fluoride TETRA
Premium 11-Down service HBONOW
Puts blades to blades, say MOWS
Reason for mending TEAR
Roll with a hole BAGEL
Scramble ADDLE
Some fraternity members ETAS
Source of a nightmare FEAR
Suburban spreads LAWNS
Summer camp craft CANOE
The answer to this clue is located on one EDGE
Time off LEISURE
Tour aid BUS
Traditional grave BURIALMOUND
Tucked in, say SNUG
Twisted locks PLAITS
Way some movies are seen ONDEMAND

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