New York Times – Mar 4 2018

Clues Answers
‘Baby, baby, baby!’ OHMAMA
‘Heaven forbid!’ GODNO
‘Honestly’ NOLIE
‘No ___’ MSG
‘Park it’ SIT
‘The 15:17 to Paris’ director, 2018 EASTWOOD
‘The Walking Dead’ channel AMC
‘Walk Away ___’ (1966 hit) RENEE
‘You follow?’ GETME
‘___ autumn, and a clear and placid day’: Wordsworth TWAS
‘___ calling’ AVON
‘___ Just Not That Into You’ (2009 rom-com) HES
1980s-2000s Texas senator Phil GRAMM
Advance look, say PEEK
All-inclusive ATOZ
Alternative to café THE
Assails with emails SPAMS
Astronauts Bean and Shepard ALANS
Barfly SOT
Bears ___ (national monument in Utah) EARS
Beginning of the German workweek MONTAG
Beyond passionate RABID
Blood type modifier, for short NEG
Bolted RAN
Break down, in a way WEEP
Canada’s largest brewer LABATT
Catch in ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ MARLIN
Celebrated boxing family ALIS
Clair Huxtable or Peg Bundy TVMOM
Commit a peccadillo? SINSOMESMALLWAY
Cossack weapon SABER
Crash into the side of, informally TBONE
Daschle’s successor as Senate majority leader FRIST
Demi with the 2012 hit ‘Give Your Heart a Break’ LOVATO
Disney bear BALOO
Do with a pick, maybe FRO
Doesn’t pay STIFFS
Drama with many fans NOH
Droid with a holographic projector, informally ARTOO
Edamame source SOY
Endorse digitally ESIGN
Enthusiastic consent YESYES
Equally pensive? INTHOUGHTASMUCH
Fancy soirees GALAS
Film for which Adrien Brody won Best Actor THEPIANIST
First weapons used in a knife fight? STARTINGDAGGERS
Flirtatious quality COYNESS
Foldable beds FUTONS
Food truck menu item GYRO
German border river NEISSE
Golden State, informally CALI
Handholds while slow-dancing HIPS
Hawthorne heroine PRYNNE
Headey of ‘Game of Thrones’ LENA
Horror, e.g GENRE
Hypotheticals IFS
Important but sometimes ignored piece COG
Including WITH
Irish ‘John’ SEAN
Island veranda LANAI
Jungian souls ANIMAS
Katey who played Peg Bundy SAGAL
Ketel One rival, familiarly STOLI
Kind of lily SEGO
Clues Answers
Last Chinese dynasty QING
Lean fillet, as of lamb NOISETTE
Lessens in force WANES
Like chimneys SOOTY
Mag featuring ‘Fun Fearless Females’ COSMO
Marshal ARRAY
Martial art with bamboo swords KENDO
Messenger ___ RNA
Metaphoric acknowledgment HATTIP
Michael who wrote ‘The Neverending Story’ ENDE
Mo. with Constitution Day SEP
Nonprescription, briefly OTC
Not be serious KID
Not tricked by ONTO
Oh-so-handsome DREAMY
Old record co. conglomerate EMI
One releasing a dove in the Bible NOAH
One seeing ghosts EBENEZERSCROOGE
Out of control? ONAUTO
Oxygen-reliant organism AEROBE
Part of E.S.L.: Abbr ENG
Parts of math textbooks PROBLEMSECTIONS
Pauses for service TEATIMES
Perform the hit ‘Things I Should Have Said’? SINGOFOMISSION
Performance for which one might grab a chair LIONTAMING
Pet portal CATDOOR
Post-op stop ICU
Pouty exclamation POOH
Pursues, as a hunch ACTSON
Quaint dismissals PSHAWS
Rap sound RATATAT
Relaxing ATEASE
Salon offering, familiarly PEDI
School closing? MARM
Selling point HOOK
Shared values ETHOS
Shoot off EMIT
Showed shock GASPED
Snapchat posting, for short VID
Snapped out of it CAMETO
Strength SINEW
Surprising group of suspects? STARTLINGLINEUP
Symbol over 9 or 0 on a keyboard, for short PAREN
Take with force WREST
Tech news website CNET
The 48th star ARIZONA
The Beatles showing absolute amazement? STARINGQUARTET
The night before, to a hard partier? HAZE
The Police frontman filming a shampoo commercial? STINGINTHESHOWER
The Theme Park Capital of the World ORLANDO
Things that clash in Washington EGOS
Throng HORDE
Title family name in old TV ADDAMS
Tridactyl birds EMUS
Truckload TON
Tying packages, securing helium balloons, etc.? STRINGOPERATIONS
Verdant spot GLEN
Waste receptacle ASHBIN
When duelers may meet ATDAWN
Where Napoleon died in exile STHELENA
Whimsical FEY
Witticism BONMOT
Woodland god SATYR
Yoga pose ASANA
___ long way GOA
___ track TENURE

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