New York Times – Mar 5 2018

Clues Answers
‘How ___ doing?’ AMI
‘Peanuts’ boy with a security blanket LINUS
Ad exhortation BUY
Assists AIDS
Attacked vigorously ASSAILED
Birds on Australian coins EMUS
Cab company competitor UBER
Card game stake ANTE
Carried the day WON
Children’s writer Blume JUDY
Cleaned one’s plate ATE
Coquettishly playful COY
Corporate head, for short CEO
Country bumpkin’s counterpart CITYSLICKER
Dev who starred in 2016’s ‘Lion’ PATEL
Disheveled UNKEMPT
Diving bird of the Arctic AUK
Elemental bit ATOM
Fierce fliers of myth ROCS
First zodiac sign ARIES
Fjord, e.g INLET
Following ENSUING
From Shanghai or Mumbai, say ASIAN
Grew ashen PALED
Group choosing a 35-Across BOARD
He hee-haws ASS
Heroine of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ REY
Hidden stash CACHE
High, wide-brimmed hat STETSON
Highway ROUTE
Hindu-inspired exercise YOGA
Historical account CHRONICLE
Hit on the head BOP
Hosts for roasts EMCEES
Hunter in the night sky ORION
Infatuated GAGA
Ingmar who directed ‘The Seventh Seal’ BERGMAN
Clues Answers
King on ‘CBS This Morning’ GAYLE
Looney Tunes character who says ‘Th-th-th-that’s all, folks!’ PORKYPIG
Lou on six winning World Series teams GEHRIG
Lucky ___ (nickname for the Spirit of St. Louis pilot) LINDY
Monkeys named for monks CAPUCHINS
Motorists’ org AAA
Mount Olympus residents GODS
Network of medical providers, in brief HMO
No longer relevant MOOT
Oil-drilling apparatus RIG
One of the five senses TASTE
Operatic solo ARIA
Pats down, as a suspect FRISKS
Persuades SWAYS
Pompous person STUFFEDSHIRT
Prius maker TOYOTA
Pursued, as prey HUNTED
Santa ___ winds ANA
Shaggy Tibetan beast YAK
Slammin’ Sammy of golf SNEAD
Smith & Wesson product GUN
Smucker’s product JAM
Snake charmer’s snake COBRA
Solitary sorts LONERS
Soup can painter Warhol ANDY
Subsides EBBS
Swimming phenom Ledecky KATIE
Taboo for PETA FUR
Usually spicy Indian dish CURRY
Virile MANLY
Weed-whacking tool HOE
What fishermen want from fish but not from mosquitoes BITES
What you might come across at a river? BRIDGE
Woman having literary interests BLUESTOCKING
___-do-well NEER

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