New York Times – Mar 6 2018

Clues Answers
‘Barbara ___’ (Beach Boys hit) ANN
‘Brave New World’ drug SOMA
‘Get it?’ SEE
‘Hogwash!’ LIES
Any of eight English kings HENRY
Art ___ DECO
Attack as Hamlet did Polonius STAB
Bad thing to have on one’s face EGG
Balcony section LOGE
Bit of a draft? SIP
Borders of boxing rings ROPES
Cattle or horse feed ALFALFA
Christina who played Wednesday Addams RICCI
Clogged (up) STOPPED
Cockney greeting ELLO
Commend CITE
Core-strengthening exercise performed on all fours BEARCRAWL
Courtyards ATRIA
Coverage of senators in ancient Rome? TOGAS
Death on the Nile cause, perhaps ASP
Embassy worker … or something that worker might carry ATTACHE
Employees at Re/Max and Coldwell Banker BROKERS
Fire department V.I.P CHIEF
Florida’s Key ___ LARGO
Forced walk with arms pinned behind the back FROGMARCH
French clerics ABBES
French summers ETES
Fruit center PIT
Grace under pressure POISE
Hit 2000 animated film set on a farm CHICKENRUN
Honesty and hard work, e.g ETHIC
Hunger for CRAVE
Hurricane’s center EYE
Ill temper IRE
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, for a record 19 times ALLSTAR
Lacking any tread BALD
Like lettuce, spinach and kale LEAFY
Clues Answers
Looked up to ADMIRED
Mme., in Madrid SRA
Museum guides DOCENTS
Muss, as the hair TOUSLE
New York’s Spanish Harlem and others BARRIOS
Noninvasive diagnostic procedure, for short MRI
Official state sport of Wyoming RODEO
Old ragtime dance TURKEYTROT
One of two in ‘Waiting for Godot’ ACT
Onetime news exec Arledge ROONE
Operating smoothly, as an engine PURRING
Org. awarding titles to Mike Tyson and Tyson Fury WBA
Particles in quantum mechanics BOSONS
Physics units ERGS
Precalculator calculators ABACI
Propelled a boat OARED
Relating to element #76 OSMIC
Resource in the Mesabi Range ORE
Seriously injure MAIM
Some kindergarten instruction ABCS
Something ‘lost’ in the highest-grossing movie of 1981 ARK
Specialties FORTES
Sports & ___ (Trivial Pursuit category) LEISURE
State with conviction ASSERT
Straight-kneed military movement GOOSESTEP
Super G competitors SKIERS
Take over for RELIEVE
Test, as 6-Across ASSAY
Trickled OOZED
Who said ‘I’m black. I don’t feel burdened by it …. It’s part of who I am. It does not define me’ OPRAH
Wind that typically brings warmer air SOUTHER
Young raptor EAGLET
___ Moines, Iowa DES
___ Sutra KAMA
___-deucey (card game) ACEY

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