New York Times – Mar 8 2018

Clues Answers
‘I meant somebody else’ NOTYOU
‘Law & Order’ spinoff, colloquially SVU
Actress Blanchett CATE
Actress Taylor-Joy of 2015’s ‘The Witch’ ANYA
Adler with a noted acting studio STELLA
Bakery trayful CUPCAKES
Band members? PLAYINFOLKS
Birds that cronk GEESE
Bit of lawyerly advice SUE
Bomb developed in the 1950s EDSEL
Census bureau employee? BEINCOUNTER
Classic railroad name ERIE
Corner key ESC
Cow as it strolls around the pasture? MOOINWALKER
Deceitful ballerinas? LYINDANCERS
Do crew ROW
Do one’s part PITCHIN
Donor gift, perhaps TOTE
Dreamy state LALALAND
Edit out DELE
Eggs in a lab OVA
Enemy plans, e.g INTEL
ESP : Spain :: ___ : Netherlands NED
Event for Cinderella BALL
Fine wool source ALPACA
Follows closely STALKS
Game with a 90-foot x 13.1-foot court BOCCE
Golden Bears’ school, familiarly CAL
Greeting in Rio OLA
Holiday shortening XMAS
It can give drivers a lift TEE
Like Birkenstocks OPENTOE
Like fine wines AGED
Like the earliest humans AFRICAN
Look from Lookout Point VISTA
Marriage announcement word NEE
Clues Answers
McDonald’s offering since 1968 APPLEPIE
Most upright CLEANEST
Mrazek or Nedved of the N.H.L PETR
Nice touch CARESS
Old ___ (Yale nickname) ELI
One down in the mouth? UVULA
Org. whose mission involves emissions EPA
Part of the eye LENS
Past AGO
Photo ___ OPS
Ragtime entertainers, e.g PIANISTS
Reach a breaking point SNAP
Ronzoni offering PASTA
Routing abbr ATTN
Search simplifier INDEX
Shaming sound TSK
Singer ___ Del Rey LANA
Sitting next to a fireplace, say TOASTY
Skip about CAPER
Some basketball tactics SCREENS
Some detectives’ work, for short CSI
Stop the flow of DAM
Subject of reunification talks KOREA
Sucker for vampire stories? FANG
Super-duper ACES
Sushi bar stock EELS
Tampa team, informally BUCS
Tea choice EARLGREY
Teddy, by another name THEO
To be remembered for a very long time EPIC
Trattoria bowlful PENNE
Voluminous ref OED
Word that no one has ever said before COINAGE
You might take them to do a good job PAINS
___ collar FLEA

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